Success is never a one-person story. It is always the collective efforts of a team that kept up the efforts, innovated to tackle challenges, and took the business to newer heights. For KGK Group, this stands true in all aspects. But to think that this could have been possible without the female staff of KGK would be a folly. We are grateful for all the efforts that they have put into to make this global conglomerate what it is today.

And to ensure that we keep growing together, KGK Group has made sure to give back to the women who have contributed so much of their time and effort to the organisation’s success. We have a number of programs, safety protocols, and great opportunities in place to uplift the power that women hold in the industry.

Here is a quick rundown of everything that KGK Group ensures to make sure that the women at work feel valued and continue to give their best to the organisation as a whole.

Empowering Women At Work

  • Working Environment
    A work environment that fosters creativity and ensures that everyone has a say in important decisions of the business is the place that everyone wants to work at. The idea that collaborations are welcome often brings the better side of everyone out and makes working in a place like that an enriching experience. For all the women in the organisation, this environment that promotes and curates equality and even prompts innovative ideas from women has had a significant impact on the end-results.

  • KGK Victress
    Because of how the group believes in uplifting everyone, we also have an in-house program called Victress. Through this program, the group provides training, on-site job opportunities, and peer-to-peer mentoring so women can be encouraged to take up jobs and challenges, from all portfolios of work in the diamond industry. By subscribing to Victress, the women at KGK Group have been moving towards much wider job perspectives than before.

  • Safety
    Safety on the job, especially in an industry like gems and jewellery is a little too much important. Aside from keeping the environment free from any residual suspended particles, the focus also is laid upon the heavy machinery that makes up a large part of the manufacturing side of the business. KGK Group maintains this safe haven like environment at all manufacturing facilities spread across the globe.

  • Innovation
    Innovation has remained the backbone of the operations of the diamond industry. By bringing innovative new solutions and technologies to the factory, KGK Group has been giving designers and manufacturers the chance to work with the latest technology. This applies to a great horde of opportunities to work on the latest platforms and upskill through learning on the job.
Women empowerment has played a huge role in our success. In fact, women empowerment is at the centre of all our achievements so far, and the group continues to be on the path to making bigger contributions to the field of gems and jewellery. As one among the top 10 jewellery manufacturers, KGK Group is grateful to everyone who has been a part of the journey and continues to be. To become a part of this growing family, head on to the career section on our website!
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