What makes the KGK Group different

KGK can fulfill all your jewellery desires.

Uniquely supplied

KGK is amongst the world’s few jewellery manufacturer that also mines and cuts coloured gemstones and is also a direct buyer of rough diamonds from De Beers, Alrosa.

Creative designs

Our team includes talented jewellers who design stunning collections your customers will love.

Complete range

KGK serves every segment of the jewellery market with collections featuring diamonds and gemstones in platinum, gold and silver settings.

Superb value

Our integrated mines-to- brands approach enables cost efficiencies that translate into exceptional value for you.

Sales support

The KGK Group can help you establish your own branded online sales and distribution network entirely controlled by you.

Jewellery designed to delight


Eighty talented designers in KGK studios create pieces that will appeal to the intended target audience. Typically we work in three ways:

KGK manufactures your designs

You work with KGK studios, manufacturing units and jewellers to bring your designs to life.

We design and manufacture for you

KGK develops unique branded collections designed to appeal to your customers and markets.

Choose an off-the- shelf collection

We combine research, creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing ready-to- sell collections.

The KGK Group participates in all the world’s major jewellery shows. Meet us and see our latest creations. Check our news section to learn of upcoming events.

Manufacturing jewellery excellence

The KGK Group constantly invests in technology and innovation to bring customers quality, value and fast order delivery. Our fully digitized design and production processes include 3D CAD/CAM design, laser cutting, soldering and setting, fire assay testing, pressure setting and more.

Each KGK manufacturing unit has a particular primary expertise and distinct design language. We manufacture in:

Hong Kong SAR

Luxury products for global markets.


Mid-range products for domestic and export markets.


Entry level products for domestic and export markets


Mid-range products of color stones & diamonds studded with Gold, Platinum & Silver Jewellery.


Jewellery delivered worldwide

The KGK Group has the resources and experience to deliver even the biggest jewellery order on time and quality assured. We operate distribution centres in China, India, Japan, Middle East, UK and USA.

KGK is fully compliant with import/export regulations in numerous destinations including:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Eurozone
  • India
  • Japan
  • Middle East
  • South Africa
  • USA

Contact your nearest KGK office

The KGK collection of brands

KGK offers a range of exciting branded collections. Complete with retail-ready display systems, our branded collections are ideal for department stores and other retailers seeking to offer quality, choice and a recognized name.

KGK jewellery is as diverse as the tastes of your markets. Talk to us about obtaining the collection perfect for you.

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