Jewelry has always been one of the greatest gifts to give or receive. They can suit every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, you can be sure the receiver will enjoy what you have given them. Ladies love to receive jewelry, from rings to necklaces, jewelry has always been perceived as a very personal gift; usually to show some affection towards the other person.

Even though there are plenty of factors that govern your choice of gemstones, here we will discuss the two most important factors while buying the right gemstonefor your loved one.
  1. Skin Tones:

    The first thing to look before you choose your gemstone is the skin tone. There are two types of skin tones, warm and cool. To tell if someone has warm skin, their veins tend to appear green in color. A person with a cool skin tone will have veins that appear blue.
    • Warm skin tone
      If the skin tone is warm, then you should look into oranges, yellows and greens. For yellows, you will want to look at citrines and golden pearls. For the greens, look at peridots and emeralds.
    • Cool skin tone
      If on the other hand the skin tone is cool, then you should look at bright red, blue and purple gemstone jewelry. For red, look into getting ruby or garnet. For blue, look into tanzanite or topaz. For purple, look into amethyst and tanzanite.
  2. Eye Color:

    Another thing to look at is the eye color. Picking a gemstone which matches the eyes can really bring them out; although contrasting colors can be just as good.
    • Green eyes have a large range of gemstones that suit. You can choose from jade, emerald, peridot and zircon. Or if you want something exciting, go for a contrasting turquoise gemstone.
    • Brown eyes suit red stones. Red stones come in a wide range of shades and tones. Red gemstones include spinel, tourmaline, ruby and garnet. Or if you want to go contrasting try blue gemstones.
    • Blue eyes, as you can guess, suit blue stones. But one thing you should remember is try to match the tone of the eye color with the gemstone. For a nice contrast, go for pink gemstones such as spinel.
    • Hazel eyes contrast amazingly with green gemstones. With so many tones to choose from you can expect to find one that really suits you.
Although the physical appearance of the jewelry is important, some health practitioners believe the color of the stones is associated with different health benefiting properties. Some also believe a certain color will be healing gemstones and bring them good luck and fortune. Even the month of birth can be linked to a stone color.

Which Gemstones to Choose?

Gemstones are excellent gifts. Natural healers are gemstones and crystals. You can offer a loved one a one-of-a-kind present that is suited to their personality, aspirations, and dreams by selecting the right gemstone in the perfect jewelry setting. But how can you choose your gemstone when there are hundreds to select from?

Read on to discover the individual properties of ten popular gemstones.

  1. Rose Quartz:

    Rose Quartz is the “Stone of Love”. This pink gemstone is the perfect gift for someone you love.
  2. Fluorite:

    Fluorite is known as the “Positivity Stone”. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from translucent green to deep purple. This gemstone makes a great gift for a colleague.
  3. Turquoise:

    Turquoise is often used in Native American jewelry. It is known as a teaching stone which facilitates spiritual learning through meditation and dreams.
  4. Kyanite:

    Kyanite is a blue-coloured gemstone which facilitates openness and honesty in communication.
  5. Yellow Topaz:

    Yellow Topaz is the birthstone for November birthdays (star sign: Scorpio). It is associated with optimism and mental clarity.
  6. Lapis Lazuli:

    Lapis Lazuli is a dark blue stone which helps its wearer move through confusion and emotional blocks in order to discover the root of problematic issues.
  7. Hematite:

    Hematite is a silver-gray metallic gemstone which has a grounding and stabilizing effect. It is also said to aid fertility.
  8. Amethyst:

    Amethyst is a violet gemstone that is associated with spiritual learning.
  9. Snowflake Obsidian:

    Snowflake Obsidian is associated with serenity and mental clarity.
  10. Jade:

    Jade is a semiprecious stone which is venerated as a “Good Luck Charm” in China. It brings good fortune and business success. Jade has a serene, calming energy and teaches tolerance.

Get The Authentic Gemstones From KGK

So, when it comes to choosing the right gemstone you should take careful consideration of the natural appearance of the person. However if you want to go a bit deeper, buy the gemstone of the month of birth or their favorite color, this will show how much you really know them. It is very easy to buy jewelry online so make sure you take a look at the stone colors in shop windows before deciding to order it online. If you are worried you will buy the wrong one then go for KGK Group as they offer authentic gemstones at the right price. So, head over to the website and choose the gemstones that suit you.
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