With the right office-wear jewellery, you can up your accessory game and give a fresh breath to your wardrobe with a renewed sense of fashion. Read here about the best pieces to wear at the office and start stacking the right kind of jewellery into your wardrobe.

As the pandemic continues to simmer, we are returning to our busy office lives and desks. The transition from comfortable pyjamas to formal pants is equivalent to leaving your comfort zone for good. However, these months we also ditched our office-wear jewellery and clothes. Now that everything is returning to normal, so should our clothes and accessories.

Workwear jewellery gives a little edge, and classic chic looks professional while adding an extra touch to your bold style. Even though you can’t overdo your office accessories, you can keep the whole look classy with minimal effort.

Remember, when it comes to choosing office attire – “Less is more”. Your outfits should match your confidence but should not make your outfit look a mess of everything put together.

Be it a meeting, a team catch-up, a presentation or unexpected big news, you should always look your best to be fully in the moment and steal the spotlight. Thus, choosing the right jewellery to wear at work that amps up your outfit and makes you stand out from the crowd is imperative.

Now many people would ask why can’t they suffice with the everyday jewellery pieces and what is special about the accessories that go with work wear. Well, the expert jewellery designers are here to answer that and to tell you about some best jewellery pieces to wear at office work.

Let’s get started by talking about

What Makes Office Jewellery Different From Everyday Jewellery?

As professionals, we put in extra effort to make the best decisions possible when choosing our business attire. Which is the ordinary everyday jewellery wouldn’t do in the office. To make an impact at work and let your attire augment your confidence, having office-wear jewellery is essential.

While everyday jewellery can be made of materials like gold, silver, artificial diamond, leather and more, the jewellery for work should be more classy. It should have gold, silver, gemstones, diamonds, and other precious or semi-precious stones. Wearing these classy jewellery pieces gives you a sense of assurance that what you’re wearing is authentic and asserts authority. Thus, it is important to differentiate between your workwear jewellery and the regular everyday jewellery to look your best self.

However, not many women know the classic accessories for the office, so read on to know more about the most popular jewellery pieces for the office.

5 Best Office- Wear Jewellery Pieces

For all those empowering women who are looking forward to looking their best, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best office jewellery pieces that are perfect picks for completing your business attire.
  1. Diamond Earrings/ Studs

    When it comes to class, nothing oozes out classiness better than basic and ever-powerful diamonds. Diamond earrings are a timeless piece that is never going out of style. They look simple and elegant and go with every outfit. While weaning some diamond studs, you won’t have to worry about changing your earrings for a cocktail party as they go with everything you wear. These studs come in squares, circles, triangles, and other shapes to go with the shape of your face.
  2. Pearl Jewellery

    < The white and charming pearls are always in fashion. From earrings to pendants and rings, pearls will never disappoint you as a piece of jewellery for the office. They’re perfect for the workplace as they are not very shiny but can add a little pump to your basic shirts or tops. However, the size of pearl jewellery matters. You must go with a size that is not very big or bulky and sits right on your ear, finger, or neck.
  3. Gemstone Rings

    High-quality and authentic precious or semi-precious gemstones are a classic choice if you love some colour in your workwear jewellery with sheer elegance. A set of gemstone rings like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires is always a valuable investment to your work wear and casual wear wardrobe.
  4. Pendant Necklaces

    If you don’t like too much attention but still wish to get the flair, you can add a minimalist pendant necklace to your office jewellery collection. They can be made of diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones. As they are not too flashy, they will serve the right purpose. These minimalist pieces are an excellent way to make a bold statement.
  5. Gold Hoop Earrings

    Hoops look great with any outfit and are perfect for giving a final touch to an outfit. A simple medium-sized gold hoop earring can make you feel classy during and after work. If you generally wear your hair up in a high bun, a pair of hoops shine through, giving your whole attire a classic appeal.

… And it’s a Wrap!

The right jewellery for work can take your whole look up a notch. They can make you stand out from the crowd and give you a boost of confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some of the most precious diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones from KGK and get them custom designed per your style. Visit our store at https://www.kgkgroup.com/ for all the designs and hand-crafted gemstones.
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