There is no doubt that trends keep changing, so do the engagement ring trends. Meanwhile, the only thing that does not change is your love for your partner. And your engagement ring is the epitome of your true love for your partner. Thus, when you start your search, just keep in mind that engagement rings are supposed to reflect your partner’s personal style. And lastly, make sure that your better half is ready to wear the ring and you’re all set to browse through our latest ring trends!

Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Engagement rings have this charm about them that even the most elaborate set of bridal jewellery doesn’t. However, after two years of wedding and proposal postponements, couples are abstaining from tradition and following their gut when it comes to design details.
Again, from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s engagement to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement, many celebrities have brought on new trends which are predicted to be bigger and better than the trends of previous years. Whether vintage or modern designs are your desire, these top ten engagement ring trends 2023 will inspire your engagement mood board.
  • Minimalist Engagement Rings – Statement Bands

    Not everybody likes wearing heavy engagement rings, some people love to keep it simple when it comes to an engagement ring. Minimalistic bands look classy and very elegant. Also, they are in trend right now, with weddings getting more intimate and smaller. So, if you think your partner loves to stay simple, then a statement wedding band is more than enough to express your love and feelings.
  • Pointer Princess Cut Solitaire Platinum Engagement Ring

    Another amazing engagement ring trend in 2023 is the pointer princess cut solitaire platinum engagement ring. A beautiful 50-pointer diamond solitaire ring, made in platinum with a mark of exquisite craftsmanship, will simply represent class and elegance. Not only will a solitaire look great on your would-be fiancé’s finger, but also it will sparkle your relationship.
  • Colourful Gemstones

    Bored of colourless diamond? Well, coloured gemstones are in vogue now, allowing couples to pick something bold and bright to represent their love story. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire make a perfect choice for the engagement ring as they symbolize romance and royalty. Colour gemstones are not only vibrant and beautiful but also are a cost-effective alternative to diamonds.
  • Vintage Nostalgia

    In the same way that thrifting and vintage finds have taken over the fashion industry, antique engagement rings are at the vanguard of the industry. Finding a one-of-a-kind, heirloom piece can be really special, but you can still have the same style while staying true to yourself with vintage-inspired rings, while still having the same sentimental value.
  • Unique & Original

  • Hiring a jewellery designer to design your own special ring is something that brides are looking at now. A custom-made engagement ring might feature an unusual shape, cut of gems or hidden gems within the ring. Such unique engagement rings are an excellent way to show both sentimentalism and individuality.
  • Toi Et Moi

    There’s been a huge uptick in celebrity multi-stone engagement rings recently – Ariana Grande, Megan Fox – so you can fully anticipate this style sticking around in 2023. The beauty of a Toi Et Moi (French; meaning you and me) engagement ring lies not just in the symbolism of togetherness, but also in how the stones paired together can accentuate each other’s beauty.
  • The Trilogy Design

    Just like the double-stone rings, the trilogy/three-stone design engagement rings have been around for quite some time but have been experiencing a resurgence lately. It’s said that the three stones represent the past, present, and future for a couple as they journey through the different stages of a relationship. You can customize the ring as per your choice with a unique combination of stone shapes and colours.
  • Rose Cut Engagement Rings

    No matter which year you are in, Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are always in trend. The setting of the diamond is done so that it resembles a rosebud, with a flat bottom and a domed top. They do not have the pointy bottom, look less glassy and brilliant, but look larger than their actual carat weights.
  • Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

    Oval-shaped diamonds have seen a boom in popularity since Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement and will only continue to gain momentum in 2023. An oval’s soft, oblong shape draws attention to the hand and lengthens the appearance of the fingers.
  • Black Ice

    Couples are looking to break the mould this year and opt for one-of-a-kind settings. With the airing of Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, the black diamond engagement rings have seen an uptick this year.
  • Conclusion

    With this, the top 10 engagement ring trends come to an end. If any of these new exciting trends tickle your fancy or if you know exactly what you want already, all you have to do is stop by the KGK Group website. We offer a wide range of best-in-quality, authentic modern engagement rings so that you can find the one for your significant other!
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