It is that time of the year when you hear wedding bells all around; your friends are getting married, someone at the neighbourhood is tying the knot too and more weddings. We all love marriages even when we all would agree that marriages are tricky. Yes, they are tricky but finding the perfect engagement rings shouldn’t be. Follow our exclusive guide to engagement rings’ shopping to ease the process for you.


Browse the internet for discovering your favourite shape and style of the ring. Figure out whether you like round cuts or square cuts, single stone or a clubbed design, diamonds or some other gemstone, etc.

Choose the metal

Choose a metal for the base of your engagement rings. Many couples opt for wedding bands these days, for which platinum is a great choice as it is extremely durable and pure, making it a perfect choice for couple bands. Then, you can also look for an engagement ring made in gold, white gold and even rose gold these days.

The stone

If you are planning to get a customised engagement ring made on your order, consider buying the loose stone. Get the stone checked for its colour, cut, clarity and carat to ensure that you don’t undergo any forgery.

Consider your budget

Buy the best ring you can without having to take any debt. Larger diamonds can be quite expensive and are not for everyone. However, you can opt for a larger base area to make your stone look better. Choose a setting that does justice to your diamond or emerald, or any other gemstone that you choose.

Safe shopping

Always prefer buying from a jeweller you know with recommendations from friends and family. Or buy from the reputed jewellery brands like Entice by KGK Group, which give you a guarantee of the quality and value for money of the jewellery you buy from them.

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