The official stone of the beautiful island of Madagaskar, a morganite is known for its hardness, durability and clarity. Morganite was first discovered in 1984. This rare stone is found in Thailand, Brazil, Africa and USA. Its large and elegant crystals with a rare brilliance make it a perfect choice for beautiful engagement rings. Morganite belongs to the Beryl stones family and has an elegant pink colour to it.

Belonging to the same variety of beryl stones as the Green Emerald, morganite is often compared with green emerald. But the metaphysical properties of both stones help in distinguishing them from each other. Being similar to the green emeralds, morganite is stimulated with a powerful vibration of divine love and romance. This is also a reason why couples choose it for engagement rings. If you are planning to get rings made in morganites, ensure that you buy the best quality stones from authentic dealers like KGK Group, which brings you coloured gemstones right from the source.

Morganite is also believed to be a perfect stone for the zodiac ‘Pisces’. Being a combination of a purple-pink stone, it strengthens the third eye chakra and is also found useful in treating difficult lung conditions and eye diseases. The wearer of the stone can experience the beauty of the stone and benefit from its mystical powers.

The best quality of morganites are very clean with absolutely no blemishes. This gemstone comes alive if cut well and it sparkles like the moon. Therefore, high quality and brilliant cuts are preferred for morganite jewellery.

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