This is what every woman’s heart whispers whenever she looks at her more than precious diamond jewellery. And why not? After all, diamonds are the most treasured gift to humankind from mother earth.
One can never picture a perfect jewellery box without a piece of sparkling diamond jewellery. KGK Group, world’s largest diamond wholesaler, understands women’s unfaltering love for diamonds and is committed to creating the best diamonds in the world.
Undeniably, diamond is proudly associated with beauty, luxury, and eternal love. A piece of shimmering diamond jewellery can add a fine touch of elegance to women’s outfits and tickle their fancies.
But do you know a diamond has to cover an arduous journey just to reach your swanky jewellery box? Surprising, right? From deep beneath the earth’s surface to being transformed into a captivating piece of jewellery, diamond covers a long way.
Be with us on the incredible journey of a gemstone from mines to your jewellery.

Phase 1: Unearthing The Diamonds

A diamond goes through extreme heat and pressure deep beneath the earth’s surface for millions of years to take form. KGK Group owns diamond mining units globally, including Angola, Botswana, India, Namibia, and South Africa. The group extracts diamonds meticulously from its mines and sends them to manufacturing units for after-work. Every single diamond in the world of KGK jewellery is of not just high quality but is also ethically mined from the finest deposits in the world.

Phase 2: Cutting & Polishing

After being extracted from mining units, the raw diamonds are sent to the manufacturing units where the work of lapidary (Gemcutter) starts. Gem cutters sort the diamonds according to their shape, size, colour, and quality. Then they saw and cleave the rough edges of diamonds to give them a perfect shape. The laser machines in KGK’s diamond manufacturing unit then give a final touch to the diamonds that are ready for polishing.

Phase 3: Out For Certification

After going through all the cutting and polishing processes, diamonds are sent to laboratories for grading purposes. Experts gauge every minute detail of the diamond and assign grades to diamonds based on the 4 Cs: carat, cut, colour, and clarity. The grading of diamonds can be affected just by a trivial scratch, making the process very complex. Then based on the quality, cut, and inclusions, the experts assign the grade to diamonds and send them back to the company.

Phase 4: The Last Stop: Jewellery Manufacturing

This is the last stop for a diamond before making its way to your jewellery. After the certification, diamonds are all set to mount on a piece of dazzling jewellery. The in-house experts of KGK Group craft an array of exquisite jewellery to augment the eternal beauty of diamonds. You can explore the collection of graceful diamond jewellery in the world of KGK jewellery.

Time To Get Your Jewellery Now!

The journey of a gemstone (diamond) comes to an end here. After the final stage, your diamond jewellery is all set to add charm to your overall appearance. It’s time to get yourself one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery from the world’s largest diamond wholesaler, KGK Group.
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