The world of KGK jewellery is a mesmerising one. There is a solution for every jewellery need. Read on to know more about it.

There are very few jewellers in the world who are involved in every step of the jewellery making process. The KGK Group has investments in primary gemstone mining in Africa and South America to ensure that the quality of raw material it uses in its jewellery is of a superior quality. KGK also processes these gemstones and has manufacturing units that bring out exquisite designs in jewellery for the global market. This integrated mines-to-brands operation helps the company give great value to the client.

KGK has a strong team of more than 80 talented designers in its studios worldwide who can create pieces for any kind of target audience and has manufacturing units in markets like India, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. The primary expertise of each unit is different and each of them follows a unique design language. The Hong Kong unit produces luxury products for global markets, the Chinese unit specialises in mid-range products for domestic and export markets while in India KGK Group manufactures entry level products for domestic and export markets. The unit in Thailand makes mid-range products, silver, diamonds and coloured stones.

Customers can benefit from the group’s delivery centres in China, India, Japan, Middle East, and USA. These centres are compliant to trade regulations in all important world markets.

A buyer has the option to work with KGK studios, manufacturing units and can bring their designs to life. Or KGK can design and manufacture for the customer based on their target market. Alternately, the customers also have the option of choosing from KGK’s off-the- shelf collection. This collection is produced after researching the global market trends and using creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing collections.

The KGK Group has a fully digitised design and production processes including 3D CAD/CAM design, laser cutting, soldering and setting, fire assay testing, pressure setting and more.

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