The government made giving 2% of the profit mandatory for companies with revenue above the Rs Rs10 billion, in 2014. India is the first country to make corporate giving mandatory by law. But the likes of the KGK Group have been giving back to society for generations. Find out more about KGK group’s CSR initiatives.

The KGK group is built on the values of giving back to society and fair trade. This has helped the group flourish in all parts of the world. Even in sectors like mining where the work environment is tough, it adapts to the global best practices and makes an effort to nurture its surroundings. These values of doing good have been passed on for generations.

The Kothari family has built the KGK Group on the foundation of honesty, transparency and ethics all over the world. The KGK group had been actively involved in philanthropic activities for decades. The company has worked tremendously to set up a super speciality hospital, give to educational endeavours and helps protect national heritage.

Some of its ethical policies include: KGK’s diamond business is BPP compliant. It is a De Beers’ oversight programme that aims to ensure best practices for human rights, labour and environmental sustainability throughout the diamond supply chain. The jewellery arm of the business has certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council. This audited certification programme mandates responsible business practices throughout the jewellery supply chain.

The sense of giving is reflected in the ideology of the top leadership of the company, who are deeply involved in CSR activities. There is emphasis to make sure that the CSR department bring joy to as many people as it possibly can. This has been at the very heart of the KGK philosophy for since its inception.

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