“The Glow of Amethyst is Fiercer Than Of Stars!”

Amethyst is one of the most wonderful yet under-rated semi-precious stones of the world. This gorgeous purple gemstone is found in the mineral named Quartz due to the presence of Iron in it. Popularly known as the stone of the mind, this stone has been used for centuries now for creating beautiful pieces of jewellery. This semi-precious stone varies from light violet-pink to deep purple.

Having originated from the Greek word ‘amethystos’, this stone apart from being strikingly appealing has many beneficial properties too. These stones are formed in Quartz in varying sizes and shapes. The versatility of these stones allows them to be presented in various forms from cathedrals, clusters to geodes. The striking feature that makes this gem unique is the formation of varied features in its composition. One can see formations of a rainbow, clouding etc setting them apart from the rest.

Mining :

Amethyst crystal geodes are formed primarily in South America in a narrow stratum of the earth known as colada. Once they are discovered by the miners, they are extracted using mechanized mining operation. Explosives are used to create mines to extract geodes from colada. The miner uses a drilling machine to create a cylindrical opening to insert the explosive. Once the ‘air pockets’ containing the geodes are found, the work is ceased to carve the geode out of the earth.

While the bigger pieces and higher grades of amethyst are excavated using bulldozers and excavators, the finer pieces are stockpiled.

Processing :

The collected pieces are then cleaned and polished to give a smoother surface. The amethyst ores are taken to washing plants to clean them off the residue that must have built up over the years. Diesel-powered conveyor systems are used for the same.

Grading :

In order to maintain the quality standards, experienced and trained workforce is enforced for the grading and sorting process. Amethyst geodes can be as small as the size of the palm or can be several meters long. Their unique shaped formation allows them to be used as jewellery pieces, home décor, mineral collections etc.

The world’s most beautiful amethysts deposits are found in fractures and cavities of igneous rocks. Brazil and Uruguay are known as amethyst rich countries producing the world’s largest amethyst. For centuries and years, this purple beauty has marvelled people across the globe. Embedded in necklaces and earrings or beautifully carved in the drawing room as décor pieces, amethyst has found various ways to sit in people’s home with pride and shine. This popular purple color has been used, adorned and enjoyed by people and shall continue to be.

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