KGK Group has been shining gloriously since the time of its inception. Having carved a name beautifully and inspiringly in the jewelry field, KGK enjoys the most elaborate vertically integrated business. Spread from mines-to-retail now, KGK originally started in 1905 as Burmese gemstones traders in Jaipur. With a principled and passionate approach, we have come a long way building a name one stone at a time.

Innovation and diversity being our growth factors, slowly and gradually we made an invincible presence across gems and jewelry map. Growing into a leading multinational corporation, KGK gradually entered various sectors from diamond manufacturing to gemstone mining, from traders to international sales etc.

The global conglomerate now covers the entire spectrum of mining, sourcing, manufacturing and distributing colored gemstones, diamonds and jewelry. We have fairly established a name across 17 countries covering Asia, Australia, North and South America, Europe and Africa.

With years of hard work and fore-vision, KGK has achieved various lines of business:


To ensure high quality and authenticity, KGK believes in going deeper. Sourcing from the best KGK avoids mining from conflict zones and conforms to best mining practices. It has invested in gemstone mining in Africa and South America. From precious to semi-precious gemstones, KGK extracts a variety of exotic gemstones of high quality.


KGK sources, manufactures and distributes large volumes of an exceptional range of precious and semi-precious gemstones at competitive prices. From sourcing around the world, KGK also invests majorly in manufacturing innovation to enhance speed and efficiency. KGK has gemstone manufacturing units located in India, Thailand, and China which are gemstone rich countries. To provide access to global markets, KGK also exhibits at many of the world’s leading gemstone and jewelry trade events.


KGK really emphasizes quality and to ensure complete supply chain, it only carries natural diamonds and tracks each stone from its rough to the finished site. Sourcing, manufacturing and distributing, KGK carries an exceptional range of natural diamonds in every imaginable shape and size. To follow ethical and natural stone processing, KGK has invested in manufacturing units in India, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

KGK follows innovative diamond production processing including:

1. DiaMark Laser Marking

2. Galaxy Diamond Mapping

3. Water Jet Laser Cutting


KGK has a team of talented and highly qualified craftsmen who design stunning collections of gemstones and diamond jewelry mined and sourced from the best. Catering to a vast client base, we design jewelry on various settings namely Silver, Gold & Platinum. KGK is known for exceptional and affordable prices as we follow integrated mines to brand approach for jewelry. Our fine collection is a combination of research, creativity, and technology blended together artfully.


The magnitude of our work and long establishment in the industry allows us to deliver even the biggest jewelry orders on time with quality assured. KGK conducts business in compliance with import and export regulations.

KGK is not just a name, it’s a legacy taken forward by the third generation of the family. We are expanding and are as diverse as the tastes of the market. Be a part of KGK’s inspiring legacy. Visit us to witness a world that dazzles, shines and inspires with its natural brilliance.

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