Tourmalines can be confidently labelled as the Earth’s most colourful minerals and gemstones. Available in a variety of beautiful hues, they form a part of a large group of boron silicate minerals. They grow as hard long slender spikes in various colours. All these colour almost share a similar crystal structure and physical properties however they do differ in chemical composition. The very reason for their wide-ranging colour palette is the colour zoning within crystals.

Physical Structure

All though hued, it is quite possible to see through them as they have perfectly clean terminations. The three symmetrical faces are arranged to face each other around a centre point. If a tourmaline is sliced into halve, the top face will reveal the tourmalines triangular shape quite evidently. As the shape triangle reflects balance, strength and power so do tourmalines. They are believed to embody within their shape intangible power that can influence the environment.

The different colour in tourmalines portray meaning and use that has the power to heal and protect. Let’s understand what each colour is trying to say:

1. Pink:

As the colour suggests, the properties too are in alignment with the hue. Pink tourmalines are related to the matters of the heart and range from bold red to pale pink. Linked to love, these tourmalines are known to enhance compassion and bring joy in relationships.

Fun Fact: A shade of pink tourmaline is also termed as watermelon tourmaline as it resembles the red colour from inside with a green rind on the outside. Interesting, right?

2. Black:

This stone is known to provide keep one grounded by providing a majestic connection between the earth and human spirit. The wearer of this crystal is known to feel empowered, confident and protected.

3. Purple:

This stone symbolizes equanimity, relaxation and serenity. Feeling low and not able to think clearly without bias? Need some clarity of thoughts in life? Well, wear this stone and see how it changes you over time. While releasing the emotional attachment, it makes you think clearly.

4. Green:

This crystal is one of the best healers which channelizes electrical energies to create a flow of energies to all parts of the body. Ranging from pale olive to deep green, it is primarily termed as the masculine counterpart to feminine pink tourmaline.

5. Brown:

Its earthy hues and restoring properties make it highly desirable. Known to impart feelings of calmness, emotional balance and understanding, it can effectively transform negative energy into positive.

6. Multicoloured:

They are a vision of beauty and rarity and can be a combination of any colour. They are not just beautiful but have amazing properties as well providing a feeling of understanding and confidence to the wearer.

They are one of the most popular gemstones as they possibly exhibit a whole spectrum of colours. All their colours are extremely beautiful while being beneficial too. To find tourmalines of the best kind in a variety of hues, visit KGK. We mine, cut and polish our own gemstones to ensure the highest level of authenticity and quality. Witness the world of gemstones like no other, only at KGK!
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