Enjoying a regal position since the heritage times, Rubies still remain everybody’s apple of the eye. Popularly known as the King of the Gemstones, it is hard to find a match that would do justice to a ruby’s beauty, lustre and brilliance. This stone of nobility is captivating, strong and magnificent. Though diamonds have been one of the most precious and valuable stones, in ancient times a ruby has believed to surpass all precious stones.

Corundum, a popular mineral has resulted in the origin of Ruby. The presence of chromic oxide gives the red colour to ruby and therefore different stones may exhibit different hues of red. The deep and intense shade of red is due to the presence of titanium while the pinkish red is due to chromium and iron.

The ruby market is diverse and wide-ranging in terms of variety. The mining location and the origin of the ruby rule its colour, properties and composition.

Let’s unfurl the different types of ruby and their origin

1. Burmese Ruby

These rubies are rich and deep red due to the presence of chromium in mineral corundum. One of the top qualities of any ruby; they are mostly found in Myanmar. One of the interesting facts about the Burmese Ruby is that they have a smudge on their body. This feature helps in distinguishing and ensuring authenticity.

2. Thai Ruby

These rubies are mined in southeastern Bangkok and are generally dark in colour. The presence of iron and chromium in combination imparts the deep beautiful red colour.

3. Madagascar Ruby

These rubies have found a place in the market in recent years only. As these rubies are mined at various locations from Andilamena to Vatomandry, they differ greatly in size and quality. The hue ranges from beautiful orange to natural red.

4. Tanzania Ruby

One of the most economical rubies, they resonate and resemble the hessonite stones a lot due to the similarity in colour. It is said that Tanzania rubies tend to lose the intensity of their colour with size. Therefore the smaller stones are more valuable and highly preferred than the bigger ones. These stones are mined in Songea areas.

5. Afghanistan Ruby

Afghanistan Rubies are known to be mined since ancient times and therefore they are considered to be extremely popular, precious and valuable in terms of quality. The ruby rich zones in Afghanistan where these stones are mined are Badakshan and Jagdalek. These stones are either light red or dark red in colour and affordably priced.

The varying shades of ruby are a result of their mining region. Ruby origin, therefore can’t be confined to one region or location. This exquisite stone is known to display astounding metaphysical properties and are highly desirable. Visit KGK to understand and witness an exclusive collection of rubies sourced and mined from various regions. Sourcing from the best, we emphasize greatly on quality and authenticity. Find the perfect ruby for your collection, only at KGK.
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