Diamonds are available since the time of the formation of the Earth. Symbolic of power and strength, diamonds are among the few hardest minerals of the world. Today, diamond mines are present in various parts of the world especially Middle-East from where rough diamonds are excavated. These rough and unfinished diamonds need to be treated to make them usable for jewellery purposes. Nonetheless, the scenario of cutting diamonds in the production industry has remained as a responsible and challenging process due to the high cost of diamonds. Strenuous efforts are required to obtain diamond stones of desired shapes and sizes.

Although the equipment and machinery had advanced significantly, a breakthrough wasn’t achieved until the beginning of the 21st century, when the laser technology reshaped the future of the diamond industry. A technological shift was witnessed after the development of laser-based machinery. On the contrary to conventional cutting methods, the desired cut is obtained by emitting a beam from the machine that reaches the stone. These laser-based tools and equipment have garnered a lot of attention in the past few years due to the revolution they have brought along with them.

Laser processing reduces cracking of the diamond on the surface of the cutting tool by making cuts right through the diamond grain, which was not possible a few decades back. There is a sharp deterioration of the cutting edge with conventional machinery; however, the new technology reduces material loss and errors.

The recent advancement in laser technology is the green laser machine with fibre technology that offers high material versatility, production flexibility, and accuracy making it a desirable technique. Apart from these, the technology also provides beam stability by producing a fine-tuned beam that reduces the weight loss by approximately 15% for 4GR to 3CT products. The energy demands of these innovative, green laser machines are comparatively lesser than their equivalent alternatives.

These laser machines are replacing the old machines to deliver better performance. KGK is one of the very few companies to have invested in green laser machines for manufacturing processes. Get the best and authenticate diamonds crafted with the latest technology from the best diamond jewellery manufacturers. The brand is at the forefront of bringing the best for their partners.

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