While our heart longs for those expensive diamond stones, we can always light up our wardrobe with some stunning and mesmerizing precious and semi-precious gemstones. Diamonds have unarguably been the most preferred stones for engagement rings, but unconventional gemstones have also ruled the fingers of many celebrities and queens since time immemorial. From enchanting blue sapphires to royal green emeralds, gemstones have adorned the wardrobes of many and continue to do so for their unique look.

Gemstones with their sheer hue and brilliance exude royalty, sophistication, and elegance. They are a fresh take on those traditional and retro engagement rings mounted with Diamond. The modern customs have changed to sparkle and colour while people pop ‘The’ question in front of their muses. Some of the unique and captivating gemstones that make for perfect engagement rings are with their beautiful colour, and stunning properties are:

1. Sapphire

This stone defines royalty and elegance with its brilliant composition. With a hardness of 9, they are extremely durable yet so elegant and delicate in their appearance. One of the most stunning properties of star sapphires is their ability to display asterism. Sapphire distributors highly prefer this particular quality. One of the most sought after and preferred gemstones in the world, they make excellent pieces for engagement rings.

2. Emerald

Beautiful, precious and luxe, Emeralds are the jewels of Kings. Cleopatra’s ultimate choice of gem, this gemstone ranges in its colour from deep shade to light green. Their ability to be both chic and timeless with different cuts have made them a common choice among gemstones as engagement rings.

3. Rubies

A shade that can compel onlookers to gaze standing out gloriously amongst the crowd, Rubies are fierce, bold and extremely captivating. Their deep blood red tones and association with heart makes them an ideal choice for engagement rings. Pigeon blood red ruby which displays a tint of purple when seen in light makes for a stunning piece for an engagement ring.

4. Aquamarines

One of a kind gemstone with an appealing lustre, their hue which ranges from light blue to green is extremely captivating. This stone, when set in an engagement ring, expels a refreshing and mesmerizing take from those bold shades of sapphires and emeralds.

5. Amethyst

This stone is one of a kind with its bluish-violet hue. These stones have been associated with kings and royalty in their earlier stages. Available in various hues of purple, they rank 7 on the hardness scale making them quite durable for jewellery purposes. This stone looks the best when it’s paired with a white gold setting.

6. Citrine

Belonging to the quartz family, this stone is known for its bright and gorgeous yellow colour. Available in a variety of shades, the cut, and facet structure of this stone defines its brilliance. Citrines are known to bring positivity and happiness with them. Citrines make for a stunning engagement ring mounted on a gold setting.

7. Morganite

There has been an explosive increase in interest for pink engagement rings. Morganite is unique, trendy and affordable. The beauty of this stone is that it can smoothly glide in style from antique to chic and modern. The beautiful pink hue displayed by this stone is making people go gaga over it. When set in an engagement ring, this stone is undoubtedly going to get heads turned.

It’s always a great idea to explore things around instead of sticking to one stone. Why limit our choice with a single stone when we have a pool of beauties around us. That precious moment of your life deserves some research and attention now. While diamonds are forever, but these mesmerizing hues do steal our heart with their beauty, right?

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