While one can differentiate between an original and fake diamond, however finding its source can be too difficult a task. A large proportion of jewellery retailers do not know the source of their diamonds. However, there is an increased focus on responsible and reliable sourcing in the jewellery industry because many of the diamonds have an ugly origin. Experts in the industry argue that it is essential to procure diamonds from reliable sources because of a variety of reasons. Have a look at why you should procure your diamonds from a trusted source.

To Ensure Humane Behavior

There are rampant human right’s abuses in several diamonds mines. The labourers are given inhumane treatment, and some are even forced to perform mining with hands, which is a painstaking process. What’s worse is that many of the miners include children who work intensely in hazardous conditions. This makes it imperative to procure the diamonds from a trusted source with a rich legacy to ensure humane treatment to workers. We at KGK, are committed to provide healthy mining conditions and promote healthy mining habits.

Adherence to Environment Standards

A diamonds true origin and formation is quite appalling given the fact its ultimate beauty. Many organisations fail to meet environmental standards. They get indulged in the practices that are detrimental to the environment. To avoid this shadow hanging over the brand name, the diamonds must come from a source that is certified and has fulfilled its CSR responsibilities.

For Avoiding Quarrels

When conflict over the genuineness breaks between different business houses, it takes years to resolve them, impacting the supply chain. Companies wishing to avoid all such conflicts can collect and procure stones from trusted sources.

Increased Trust

Consumers in the present era also want to know the origin of their diamonds. If the brand has traced its diamonds from procuring to manufacturing, they can instill trust among its customers. The company also must ensure that the symbol of love is selected with the utmost attention.

At the core of KGK, there is an enduring dedication to integrity. We believe in keeping the standards of jewellery high by excavating them responsibly for our partners and brands. We also advocate that all the wholesale designer jewellery suppliers must implement a tracking system to trace their diamonds.

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