The KGK Group has been dealing in the gemstones and diamonds for a century. It is closely associated with every step in the value chain and one of the most awe-inspiring is perhaps the mining stage where one gets to feel the wonder of nature. But equally amazing is the journey of the rough mined crystal becoming the centre piece of a piece of jewellery. Let us take you on that journey.

If you want to get a feel of how rare and precious gemstones are, just get to know how carefully and painstakingly they are extracted from the mines that run for meters beneath the surface of the earth.

Once the gemstone containing crystal is extracted it then travels across seas to be cut and processed into the shape the end customer sees it in. Let’s trace this fascinating journey of a gemstone from the mine to the hands of a buyer.

Once the mines in Brazil and Africa bring the rough crystal to the surface it then makes its way to the KGK’s gemstone cutting factories in India, Thailand and China. At this point the gemstone is more in its crystal form and once it reaches the factory, the process to cut and finish it begins.

The rough crystal is sliced or swan using expert techniques and making sure that the most amount of carat weight is retained. The cut of a stone depends on the shape and size of the original crystal, the inclusions in the stone and the demand in the market among other factors.

Once the gemstone is cut it is then faceted and polished – this is the step where the stone becomes a beautiful piece to be cherished and worn with panache. The KGK Group markets these stone in markets within India, Far East and other parts of the world.

Other than that the group also mounts finished stones on jewellery for sale in various countries. Gemstones of all colour, shape, size and carat weight are a part of KGK Group’s offering. The group can deliver the biggest consignment in the shortest possible time with assurance of quality and global standards. The secure logistical network and strategically located distribution centres of the group are a few benefit that clients get when working with the KGK Group.

Amethysts, aquamarines, blue topaz, citrines, garnets, green tourmalines, morganites, paraibas, peridots, quartz, rubellites and Tanzanites are the various gemstones that KGK Group works with. The group also deals in precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Diamonds are also a speciality of the group.

It is important for the discerning consumer that the stone is well proportioned, clear, bright and has a beautiful colour. To achieve these qualities the rough stones have to go through a lot of fine processing.

As the fashion trends in the market are changing, more and more people are buying designer contemporary jewellery and the demand for gemstones is also on the rise. As countries like China and India keep adding millionaires the aspirational buys will keep on going up and the market for fine jewellery and thereby for precious and semi-precious stones will also follow the trend.

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