Tourmalines come in all variety of beautiful colour, shape and sizes. But of all the tourmalines that exist the Paraiba tourmaline is one of the finest and mesmerising of them all. With its almost crystal ball like luminescent glow that can make anyone fall for its beauty, the stone has carved a niche for itself in the world of fine jewellery. Read on to know more.

Of all the tourmalines that are available to man, nothing is quite as mysterious as the Paraiba. The soft gentle inner glow of the stone gives it a very unique feel. It is hard to takes one’s eyes off a Paraiba Tourmaline.

There are many beautiful tourmalines out there, but it is the gorgeous swimming-pool blue colour and the incandescent glow of the Paraiba that sets it apart from the rest. When set in a piece of jewellery, the stone does something more than just shine. It appears to almost glow, giving the jewellery a nearly divine touch.

The stone is available in various colours, which gives makes a Paraiba piece stand out from its peers. The colour range of the stone goes from aqua blue to bluish-green, which makes it a great choice for contemporary jewellery pieces that are all the vogue today.

Another advantage the stone has is that it looks good in both contemporary and traditional pieces. It can be worn with equal charm with a traditional outfit and with modern attire. When set with diamonds on a platinum base, the grace and elegance of the piece is unmatched by any other jewellery. It is a piece suited for royalty.

Among the blue coloured stones, Paraiba has a special pull on the customer due to the way it looks. Its rarity adds to its value and a big stone can fetch high prices as they are difficult to come by.

It was discovered back in 1980s and it is mined out of the famous mines of Brazil in Paraiba. This neon wonder is one of the most fascinating stones to come out of the depths of earth. The beautiful colours of this stone are due to traces of copper, which gives it the gorgeous colours. Brazil has almost all shades of tourmalines, but the Paraiba tourmaline is something else, with its incandescent glow it leaves every other stone behind.

Other than its beauty, the stone is also known to be rare. Some estimates suggest that by the time one Paraiba tourmaline is mined, the world has mined thousands of diamonds. This makes it rare and all the more special.

The jewellery with a Paraiba tourmaline in it becomes doubly special and thus a perfect fit for an important occasion.

The KGK Group has invested in Paraiba mining in Brazil and Mozambique. It sources the best Paraiba tourmaline and has a wide collection of jewellery for its customers across the globe. The group has a presence in all strategic markets and can deliver orders of all sizes. Though it’s safe and secure logistics network and well located distribution centres clients can take timely and hassle free deliveries.

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