One of the most fascinating rock to come out of earth is the diamond. Awe it inspires weather it is for its beauty or for its strength is unmatched. KGK group makes sure that the diamonds that go out into the world are of the purest and most striking beauty – after all, a KGK diamond is for eternity!

One thing common among the discerning diamond customer across the globe is that they seek natural and ethical diamonds coming from sustainable mining practices. These are the very tenets that the KGK Group’s diamond arm works on. Years of toil and hard work in the industry has helped KGK built trust and some advantages over competition.

Under the strong leadership of the Kothari family, the company has established an integrated supply pipeline. This lets the company have complete control over the quality of the product. From a rough piece of rock to a glittering piece of jewellery, KGK tracks each stone to keep a tight control on the supply chain to deliver quality consistently. As a result of the company’s sustained efforts towards maintaining its quality and ethical standards the The KGK Group is a Sightholder of the De Beers Group.

The legacy of the group’s diamond distribution operations can be traced back to 1969 after which the company started manufacturing finished diamonds in 1986. KGK is always at the center of the global diamond trade and its diamond operations are based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Being an old hand in the diamond trade KGK Group brings a wide variety of choice along with quality to the table. There is an exceptional range of natural colourless and coloured stones in every perceivable size, shade and shape that the company offers.

Perhaps the most important task for offering good quality products is to have impeccable evaluating and grading standards for uncut stones. KGK’s diamond experts come with years of experience and expertise in selecting the best stones that keeps the value chain healthy and reflects positively on the performance. The processing of stones takes place in KGK manufacturing units based in India, South Africa, and Botswana.

As for the manufacturing process, it is KGK’s constant endeavor to use the highest, most sophisticated standards of manufacturing and constantly innovate to better the production process. DiaMark™ laser marking, Galaxy™ diamond mapping and water jet laser cutting are the techniques employed in manufacturing at KGK. Given the healthy volumes processed by the group, benefits of efficiencies of scale get built throughout the value cycle.

However, one of the biggest advantages of a KGK diamond is that it is available through an efficient distribution network. The group has a presence across all important diamond markets and it is a major participant at world’s leading diamond and jewellery trade events.

The group’s sophisticated and secure global distribution infrastructure is spread across Australia, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, UAE and the USA.

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