Jewellery exhibitions and trade shows are exciting events which provide enormous opportunities to promote a business. Each exhibition brings hundreds of companies under one roof, making it a massive trade event.Countries like India and China witness a large number of trade shows throughout the year. These exhibitions have provided an even playing field to the small businesses as they attract a huge crowd.

Business Responsibility: Breathing New Life into Employees

If the jewellers or the exhibitors want to get recognised and enhance their reputation to generate great sales in their stores as well as in the event, then they must use this jewellery exhibition opportunity appropriately.Here we have covered the aspects that a jeweller must look into while participating in these events and trade fairs.

Look for Great Jewellery Exhibitions

Shows like Jewellery Association Show (JAS), Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS), Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show (IFJAS), etc., offer enough potential to grow the audience for your business. Travel extensively around the country to participate in recognised shows and build relationships with galleries that host different events to showcase your collection.

Find Artist-Sponsors

The best way to mark a unique presence in the jewellery shows is to hire artists to display the latest collection. In the recent past, it has been observed that the exhibitors having artists featuring limited edition received positive feedback from the audience, and their experience has been exponentially positive.

Try a Collective Approach

The jewellery events are infused with a vibrant business atmosphere that can offer a chance to attract buyers from around the world. However, if you are small jeweller, it can be hard to get a space in these exhibitions. But, you can adopt a collective-approach of exhibiting.

This is a relatively new approach and is essentially useful for small jewellers. It has been proven that splitting up resources and putting them to use in one place is advantageous than using resources individually. The small jewellers can collectively rent a space in the high-end exhibitions and pitch-in financially to support space to exhibit their offerings.

Build Lasting Relationships

In the majority of the jewellery exhibitions, jewellers get the opportunities to meet the potential clients and business partners both under a roof. The past trends have shown that these trade shows have created enduring experiences for the sellers. Ensure that you create lasting business partnerships with wholesale jewellery manufacturers like us long after the exhibition is over. If you ace this, you will surely benefit each other.

Bring Authentic Jewellery

Perhaps the best practice to get recognised in an exhibition is to sell authentic and genuine gems & jewellery. You need to make sure that you stand ahead of the other exhibitors by offering authentic and unique jewellery to the visitors.

Business Responsibility: Breathing New Life into Employees As mentioned, purchasing authentic jewellery is one of the best practices that one can follow. It is advisable that you purchase it from one of the top 10 jewellery manufacturers. At KGK, you can find exclusive and exquisite designs that can cater a large audience and preference base. Implement all the strategies that are mentioned here and watch your business grow multifold.
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