The jewellery industry is an essential component of the Indian economy, given its role in generating foreign exchange, revenue, employment, and value addition. There is no doubt that in the last couple of years, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Still, the industry is marred with several challenges. Like other industries, it has a shortage of skilled workers, and then there is an inadequate or poor working condition, etc. Since the industry is highly affected by poor practices, KGK decided to take a step towards betterment and took initiatives to make a difference and promote responsible working.

Business Responsibility: Breathing New Life into Employees


KGK understands the importance of ethical mining. Human rights are rightly given due consideration, and KGK adheres to all the policies in this regard. It is ensured that no exploitation is carried out, and the mining is at conflict-free zones. The organisation tries to bring a broader change in the industry through fair treatment of miners and workers involved in mining.


Diamond cutting and polishing often come under debate due to the rampant child labour. The cut in the diamond is regarded as a vital factor, and it is said that children are more suitable for it. They have sharp sight and steady hands that help in getting the precise cut. Defying these practicing, the organization has installed latest laser-based technology for cutting diamonds and other gemstones.

Business Responsibility: Breathing New Life into Employees

Safe Working Environment

Jewellery industry often faces criticism because of the ill-treatment of labour who are subject to inhumane working conditions. Limited compliance with health standards has also fuelled criticism. At KGK, labour welfare laws, as stipulated by the government, are followed and supported. The organisation also monitors its sites regularly and organizes awareness campaigns & medical check-ups camps.

Competitive Payment

The impact of economic unrest has remained more acute in manufacturing industries, especially gems and jewellery. According to a study conducted recently, the average salary in this sector is considerably lower than in other manufacturing industries. However, KGK keeps the salaries of all the staff competitive so that they are not exploited and can uplift their socio-economic conditions.

KGK recognizes all the aspects and understands that employees are the backbone of the organisation. It ensures that workers get the best and secured work environment wherein their rights are protected, and their voices are heard.

With legacy comes responsibility. Besides, being a preferred De Beers Sightholder, KGK’s safety initiatives extend to protecting the environment as well. Even the technology used in the production of gemstones, especially diamonds, is majorly green, which takes care of workers and the environment equally. Therefore, when you source a stone from KGK, you are not only sourcing Earth’s rare treasure but are also contributing to making this world more sustainable for others.
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