Jewellery denotes artistry, love, beauty, priced possessions and what not. Globally, about 90 million carats of rough diamonds and 1,600 tons of gold are mined for jewellery every year. For millions of workers, gems and jewellery industry has remained an important source of income. It is also one of the few industries that have huge employment generation capabilities. But, the picture is not as clean as it appears. The industry has been tainted by some serious human rights abuses, deadly working conditions, child labour, forced evictions, etc.

Jewellery companies have the responsibility to ensure that they do not contribute to human right violation and abuses at any point in the supply chain. We understand the importance of human rights of the workers and are committed to being the inspiration for others. As we aspire to uphold high standards of integrity; we have set the conduct that is expected to make a sound decision.

Employee Protection

We share the responsibility of protecting our employees from exploitation. Our commitment to implementing responsible practices throughout the supply chain, from mining to retail, has gained us the reputation of one of the ethical businesses in the industry.

Business Responsibility: Breathing New Life into Employees

We are an active part of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which strengthens our objective of being a responsible business. Along with this, we focus on BPP compliance to ensure best business practices.

In order to ensure that our workplace is as safe as it can possibly be, we have installed the latest technology-based equipment. Our facilities are regularly inspected to ensure safety in working places. The Company continuously monitors and keeps track of technological up-gradation.

Employee Welfare

We are an organisation with a global vision, and for us, employee welfare stands at the top. We reward and recognise our employees for their dedication and commitment. For their welfare, we have curated a transparent and accountability-based policy for working.

When our employees suffer injuries in the course of work, we provide compensation and medical care to them. There is an employee welfare trust that looks after and addresses the issues concerning welfare.

To sum up, we have created a healthy and productive work environment which encourages excellence. We take pride in being one of the leading wholesale designer jewellery distributors in the industry catering to the requirement of businesses of all size. For more information on our initiatives and CSR, visit here!
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