Diamonds are the most surprising miracles of nature – the classic, timeless beauty! Diamonds derived their name from the Greek word ‘unconquerable’ meaning immortal as it lasts forever. Available in a variety of shapes, cuts and colours, they make perfect jewellery pieces by adding a graceful touch to the jewellery with their sheer brilliance. Discovered thousands of years ago under the Earth’s crust, diamonds are a special gift of mother earth.

Diamonds were first found in India in 4th century BC and the youngest deposits are about 900 million years old, which makes diamonds one of the most ancient gemstones on earth. Majority of early diamonds were transported through the Silk Route, which connected India and China. The early history of diamonds states that it was a favourable stone for ornaments, a cutting tool and protection during battles. Even today, diamonds make it to be a perfect choice for jewellery – rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Diamonds have been associated with the planet Venus, which is a planet of beauty and feminine powers. Perhaps, this is the reason why all the world’s women are in love with diamonds. These shimmering stones symbolise love and are therefore, considered a perfect gem for engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary gifts. Diamonds are said to strengthen the bond between a couple.

Mined at different locations around the world, diamonds are loved by one and all. The leading mines of diamonds are located in Australia, Botswana, South Africa, Canada, and Angola. The KGK Group is one of the top distributor of some of the finest quality diamonds. The group offers nothing but the finest diamonds.

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