Coloured diamonds are extremely rare, and considered highly valuable due to their captivating beauty and distinctive shades. These are formed both naturally and under laboratory settings. As you know, diamonds originate in extremely hot conditions and go through a complex process before transforming into the form that you see in diamond jewellery. The naturally formed coloured diamonds are produced in the same way as white diamonds. The only difference between the two is that during the formation of coloured diamonds some foreign particle gets trapped within the diamond during the crystallisation process. Coloured diamonds can also be formed by altering the chemical process in the laboratory, which results in the formation of this exceptional variety of diamonds.

Brown, red and pink diamonds

These are the rarest colours in diamonds. Diamonds get this colour when they go through intense pressure and heat. While still within the earth’s mole, intense heat and pressure can cause distortions in the crystal lattice and give a pink hue to the diamonds. The intensity increases further to get birth to red and ultra-red or brown coloured diamonds.

Grey and blue diamonds

Blue diamonds get their colour from boron. When diamond has an impurity, the crystal structure bonded with carbon absorbs red, yellow and green areas of colour spectrum. It then makes the diamond look grey and blue.

Violet and purple diamonds

It is fabled that the presence of hydrogen may be responsible for violet and purple diamonds.

Orange and yellow diamonds

These gorgeous colours can be attributed to one element, which is nitrogen. During formation nitrogen atoms arranges in such a way that blue light is absorbed, hence, forming a yellow colour. For the most exquisite coloured diamonds, prefer buying from reputed diamond manufacturers and distributors like the KGK Group, which also holds the De Beers Sightholder status. The group also offers a wide range of classic diamond jewellery at its jewellery brand ventures like Entice, Martin Flyer, Judith Ripka, Gregg Ruth. You can also check out the hand-picked collection of the most authentic precious and semi-precious gemstones at KGK.

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