“Diamonds can at last be an investor’s best friend”, said the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (DIX) recently while launching a new standardised form of the precious stones. This newly introduced standardised form of diamonds will rise as a tough competition to rival gold since you will be able to invest in diamonds – a safe-haven alternative to cash savings.

Diamonds are indeed the most concentrated form of wealth, that can be treasured easily and occupy the slightest of space. There was a time when people preferred investing in gold as the store value of gold was considered more reliable. With diamonds, the cost of each stone is different depending on its cut, clarity, colour and carat, which makes trading of diamonds difficult. However, with this newly launched form of diamonds, diamonds are likely to become the new gold for investors.

Alain Vandenborre, the Chairman and Founder of Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDIX) has solved the problem of diamond trading, making diamonds emerge as the new gold for the investor minds. How is this going to happen? Diamond Bullion, produced by the Singapore Diamond Mint, is a collection of investment grade diamonds. The unique thing about these investment grade diamonds is that their value can be checked quite quickly, ranging between $100,000 and $200,000 initially. The denominations for these investment grade diamonds can be made available in higher and lower values in future so as to allow everyone to invest in diamonds.

The diamonds would be stored in a credit card sized device that will contain a chip. This chip shall allow immediate evaluation of the stored diamonds on the basis of exchange trading and instant authentication. With this, the value of diamonds could be guaranteed making it a good asset for investments. The Diamond Bullion will carry a mark, which has been developed by the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), a part of Anglo American’s De Beers Group, that is a guaranteed value.

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