Diamonds have become a sign of love, appreciation, heirloom and elegance. From jewellery to watches, diamonds are used to embellish accessories at large. Though there is a huge possibility that most people would know what makes the diamond so much sought-after and costly, yet there are many who are ignorant of these facts. However, if you belong to either of these two categories, then this blog will make you fascinated and delighted about diamonds.

Fact 1 – The Oldest Diamond

The most ancient diamond on this planet is estimated to be about 3.3 billion years old. The continuous heating, cooling and changing of the earth had resulted in the formation of this diamond.

Fact 2 – Millions Of Small Diamonds Are Found In A Single Candle Flame

A flawless and pure diamond is known for its unmatched brilliance and beauty. But what is more surprising is that you can find millions of tiny diamonds in candle fire. A study conducted by a chemistry professor reveals that there were about 1.5 million nano-particles of diamond in a candle flame.

Fact 3 – A Diamond Is As Big As the Moon

Believe it or not, but this fact holds true! Outer space never fails to fascinate us and just like the mysteries of the galaxies and the stars and the universe, the moon-sized diamond strikes us with awe and mysticism. One of the most captivating discoveries was that there is a diamond in our solar system which is just as big as the moon. A star named Lucy, located in the middle of the Centaurus constellation has a diamond (which weighs 10 billion trillion carat) at its centre which was formed due to the same heat and pressure of the star’s mass.

Fact 4 – Diamonds Were Not Always Mined

In the olden days, diamonds were not extracted from mines or made in a lab using high-tech machinery chemicals. Much like gold, which is found on the riverbeds and the banks, diamonds were found in the same way. Miners sifted through the water and kept an eye on the precious stones which eventually came to be known as ‘Alluvial mining’.

Fact 5 – Origin Of the Name

The word ‘diamond’ originates from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ which means indestructible. This fact is quite true about diamonds because diamonds happen to be one of the strongest substances known to the human race.

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