Every year Pantone Colour Institute chooses the “Pantone Colour of the Year” after thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. The Pantone colour of the year influences the choices of many industries, and gemstone & jewellery is one of them.

For the year 2020, Classic Blue is designated as the “Pantone Colour of the Year 2020.” The enduring hue of classic blue offers refuge and relaxation, instils a sense of tranquillity in mind, and fosters resilience in body, mind, and spirit.

Due to its versatility and charm, this timeless classic blue is among the most preferred choices in gemstones. While gemstones in this shade can make any piece of jewellery look resplendent, jewellery embedded with classic blue coloured gemstones can be paired with anything and everything. So, here are some astonishing gemstones in the classic blue!

Blue Sapphire

The brilliance and allure of blue sapphire cannot be missed by the human eye. The gemstone that is said to bring enlightenment, inner peace, and wisdom to make the right choice can make any jewellery piece look magnificent. Available in different shades of blue, the sapphire gemstone is at its best when it is in the classic blue.


Symbolic of sea and sky, the classic blue colour gives Iolite its beauty. This mysterious gemstone shows a blue to violet hue in one direction and a pale yellow in another. Iolite can be light to deep blue, with a purplish tinge to it.


The unique colour that ranges between blue and purple makes tanzanite the perfect gemstone for 2020. Tanzanite is uniquely trichroic, radiating three different colours in its rough form. Found only in a specific part of the world, tanzanite is also valued for its rarity. And due to its rarity, it is treasured by gemstone connoisseurs.


This light blue coloured, highly transparent gemstone radiates optimism. While the colour of aquamarine does not resemble exactly like classic blue, it is a very evident shade of it. In fact, aquamarine, due to its appearance, creates greater interest among all the gemstone lovers.


This exciting gemstone is available in the most comprehensive colour range. The best fact about classic blue tourmaline is it is natural and cannot be artificially created in laboratories. Available in a variety of species, the true mark of tourmaline can be identified by an experienced jeweller.

Inspired by the deep blue sky and the limitless sky, the classic blue colour is simple yet elegant. While the classic blue colour gives clarity to the viewer, we at KGK Group provide clarity to customers in terms of choices between the varieties of classic blue gemstones. Renowned as the most trusted gemstone manufacturer in India , we at KGK Group aim at ensuring the best prices and quality of gemstones. Get certified classic blue gemstones only at KGK and create a collection that will capture the attention of everyone around you!
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