Credibility remains a hallmark of KGK Group’s business ethos. At every stage of our century-long journey towards being one of the world’s most revered jewellery manufacturers, we have strived to achieve superior quality and transparency at every vertical of our global supply chain.

Achieving this feat would not have been possible without the support and strategic alliance that KGK Group has formed with Governments across precious-stone capitals of the world.

Joining Hands With South America In Search Of Perfection

KGK Group is committed to bringing to its customers the rarest and the most exquisite of gemstones from the deepest chambers of earth. But unearthing these secrets, guarded exclusively by nature itself, would not have been possible without the ardent support of the various governments on the continent of South America. It is only with their unparalleled support that we can consistently bring exotic gemstones of the highest quality to you.

An Investment in Angola’s Infinite Potential

Angola has everything to make it not just the ‘Kuwait of Africa’ but rather the ‘light of Africa’ itself. It has one of the world’s richest diamond reserves estimated at 180 million carats. But the country lacks quality infrastructure, technology, and knowledge to explore and make most of its huge potential.

KGK Group, in partnership with the Angolan Government, has invested $25 Million to create world-class diamond facilities in the region. The strategic partnership would give Angola’s Government access to KGK Group’s expertise and knowledge in diamond manufacturing and distribution. It will usher a new era of entrepreneurship and economic growth in the region.

Diamond Cutting And Polishing Facility in Southern Africa

KGK Group’s association with Southern Africa goes way back to 1996. The relationship between the two was further cemented with the establishment of a high-tech diamond cutting and polishing facility in Botswana and Namibia.

It is a one of its kind facility equipped with hi-tech features including a waterjet laser. Achieving this feat in Africa’s diamond heartland would not have been possible without the support of the government of the region.

Deepening Our Bond With China

A big reason for KGK Group’s rise as the world’s leading jewellery manufacturer has been the long-standing support and trust it has received from the People’s Republic of China. China has been our gateway to Asia-Pacific markets and played a pivotal role in making KGK Group the top fashion jewellery wholesaler in China.

From humble beginnings in Rangoon to becoming the leading jewellery distributor in Hong Kong, we have been able to chart this successful journey only because of the ample support and trust from the government of China and other countries in Asia.

The Ever Enduring Bond with the Government of India

While we have highlighted only a few of the 15 countries whose unflinching trust has helped us scale global success, the role of the Government of India is simply unprecedented. It is the policies and support of the different post-independence governments that have helped bring prosperity, growth, and repute for the jewellery industry in India.

We hope that our efforts in the future too will continue bringing name and success to India and Indian jewellery manufacturers. KGK Group, one of the top 10 diamond companies in the world, with support from various Governments across different demographics will continue to strive to achieve a greater level of excellence in jewellery quality, trust, and customer service.
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