We have grown around the idea of diamonds looking dazzlingly beautiful when they sparkle. Diamonds sparkle owing to their property of total internal reflection. The light entering the diamond gets reflected internally, creating a beautiful display of diffracted light. This sparkle is what we know as the most distinctive characteristic of a diamond every time we see one or think of one.

But we have also wrapped our minds around the idea that flawless diamonds are the only acceptable ones to be worn as a part of our jewellery. However, that is not always true. Sometimes, the scattering of the inclusions inside a diamond can create a beautiful look inside diamond. This is where the unique beauty of Salt and Pepper diamonds can be begun to be understood. What are salt and pepper diamonds and what makes them unique? Let’s take a look.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper diamonds are still categorised as diamond, which already makes them rare. But what gives a stone the name of salt and pepper? The difference is that the salt and pepper diamonds have a little bit more character in them. The inclusions inside a diamond like this appear to be black and white grains scattered inside a clear gem, kind of like salt and pepper, hence the name.

Because of the way diamonds are created, no 2 diamonds are the same, which is to say a lot because of how rare it makes salt and pepper diamonds going further. The overall look of the diamond, however, is mystery mixed with simplistic, which is why it has begun to gain popularity in the modern jewellery scenario. It says a lot about the wearer who wished for something unique while still conforming to the traditional aspects of wearing a diamond.

The Look of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Remember how we talked about the internal reflections of light inside a diamond? It makes the diamond sparkle even in the slightest of light. While Salt and Pepper Diamonds do catch the attention that their uniqueness deserves, they don’t sparkle quite as much as their clearer counterparts. The inclusions inside a diamond affect its clarity and play of light as they absorb the light themselves.

However, under the right light, the sparkle of the inclusions and the overall look just makes everything pop-out. The sparkly show can be compared to a black opal with colourful inclusions, with the only difference being that the inclusions are black and white, and the light hitting them at various angles makes them look like they are dancing on silky background.

They are comparatively easy to find than other, less included diamonds, and that makes them way more affordable. In fact, considering how easy it is to find these type of diamonds, they are often eco-friendly. However, the real challenge with Salt and Pepper Diamonds is to find a stone with character and enough attraction factor that it can find its way on a ring.

Diamonds are unique, beautiful, and have a story to tell about how they came to be in their current shape. Salt and Pepper diamonds, like other diamonds, continue to tell their story billions of years after their creation. As the leading diamond seller in hong kong, KGK Group takes pride in bringing its buyers with what their business needs. If you also have a unique demand for your business, get in touch with one of our experts today.
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