The jewellery market in the world has grown to become a vast enterprise, and when there are a number of players providing their best services to the consumers, there are also always institutions that appreciate the efforts and advancements made in the field. For the past decade, JNA Awards has been that platform for the field of Jewellery on the Asian continent. Over the years, JNA Awards has grown to become the largest appreciator of innovation in the manufacturing and marketing of gems and jewellery.

As a proud partner of the JNA Awards, it is a proud amount for the KGK Group to be a part of a great change that the prestigious awards have up ahead of them: JNA Awards is now going global!

The Grand Announcement

With the onset of a new year and a new decade in 2021, JNA Awards has now gone global with a change of name. JNA Awards will now be known as JWA or Jewellery World Awards. The new name is not just a rebranding for the most prestigious jewellery awards in the world, it is a show of spirit to the whole world of jewellery. Aiming to attract more and bigger collaborations from around the world, the JWA are also going to feature more segments than ever.

Speaking on the occasion of this announcement, Letitia Chow, chair and founder of JNA Awards at Informa Markets Jewellery said “JWA will continue to thrive on the legacy of its former self, the JNA Awards,”. She further added “It targets to include companies and entrepreneurs regardless of size, geographical origin, and nature of business. It aims to include every facet of the trade, from every corner of the world.” In the long partnership that KGK Group has had with the JNA Awards, the platform has only increased in size to enhance its reach within the community. With this move to conquer the globe, JWA 2021 has already begun to accept entries, and the first-ever Jewellery World Awards are set to happen in the month of September of the year 2021.

KGK Group will continue to be a proud partner of the JWA Awards as it turns to the world to appreciate the efforts of jewellers and manufacturers across the globe. As a leading jewellery manufacturer in India and the world, KGK Group congratulates Informa Markets Jewellery for their inaugural year with JWA, and wishes them the best of luck in their endeavours in the coming years.
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