Next time you go looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery with precious stones – go a step further and get yourself a rubellite – a rare deep red gemstone. It’s uniqueness and place in the market can be gauged by the fact that almost every jeweller in the world is using these in their latest collections! Want to know more? Read on.

Chances are, that the gorgeous reddish stone you couldn’t take your eyes off at the jewellery store was not a ruby, but a rubellite.

But don’t make the mistake that many make unintentionally. It is easy to confuse a rubellite with a ruby, which too is a gorgeous stone and quite expensive to say the least. If ruby is a precious stone, rubellite is a rare gemstone.

Using rubellite, designers have created some amazing designs for every occasion :   

Rubellite is basically a type of tourmaline. In fact, it is the most valuable kind of tourmaline. What determines its worth is its fascinating colour – vibrant, bright and deep pinkish red is the sign of a valuable rubellite. It is one of the most fascinating things to see it glitter in shimmering lights – it just takes your breath away with its shine.

Like emeralds and some other stone, rubellites are not completely flawless. Hence, perfect clarity is not a parameter, only the degree of imperfection is the measure, lesser the better. Connoisseurs often prefer inclusions or imperfections as it is a sign of an authentic stone. So, clarity has only so much bearing on the worth of the stone.

Size of the stone is also an important factor in determining how expensive it will be. The beauty and the rarity of the stone are ultimately the true reasons behind its popularity. Rubellite jewellery looks stunning with any outfit and is apt for any occasion.

The KGK Group gets its rubellites from Cruzeiro mine and has some stunning designs in the stone. Over the world rubellite is found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Among the many advantages of the stone is the fact that it can cut in various shapes, which makes it ideal for use in all kinds of jewellery. Its rarity only adds to its value and gives the customer a unique piece to be cherished for a long time.

Also, it is quite easy to care for. While not absolutely maintenance free, the stone can be stored and cleaned easily. This versatility of rubellite make it the preferred choice of both buyers and jewellery manufacturers.

KGK Group has some of the finest collection of this beautiful gemstone and its designers have worked hard to bring excellent designs in rubellite to its customers. The stone goes beautifully with the changing taste of the millennial generation as it provides the necessary colour and the mysterious uniqueness that the young covet.

When you walk out wearing a rubellite, you are bound to turn a few heads.

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