Peridot is one of the most beautiful gemstones that is highly underestimated due to its inexpensiveness and easy availability. This glorious yellow-green gemstone is the birthstone for August and is even used in several healing therapies. The popularity of this gemstone has fallen significantly in the last few centuries. However, this is a truly remarkable stone that is worth a place in your gemstone jewelry.

This gemstone is also called as an extreme gem by the gemological institute of America. It is called the gemstone of fire that is brought to light. It is one of the two gemstones that is formed in molten rocks below the earth’s crust and brought to the surface by tremendous forces of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Uses and Purposes of Peridot

This gemstone is considered highly beneficial for attuning to and regulating the cycle of one’s life. It is also believed to eliminate the negative patterns and old vibrations that play over and over and keeps one from realizing that they deserve success. This gemstone can help one to remove those blockages and move forward in life. Peridot is known as a stone of transformation and is excellent for use in recovery from inhalant dependencies, tobacco and other addictions. It is also known as wound healer stone and serves as a vital guide to facilitate the healing process.

Peridots are best for discharging emotional issues that affect one’s body. One can simply place it over Solar Plexus to release nervous tension known as butterflies as well as to the feelings of anxiety, guilt, fear or impatience. One can place peridot over the heart chakra to relieve heaviness of the heart, empower forgiveness or alleviate self-doubt or destructive jealousy that results from betrayal in past relationships.

One can use peridot to get results when seeking items that are lost or mislaid in the physical world and also in a quest for an enlightened state. It is also advised to wear peridot set in gold to attract a peaceful sleep. It is especially advised to wear a peridot if you suffer from nightmares related to murders, evil spirits or sexual attacks.

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