Want to know if you have a real or fake diamond? Have you bought a new diamond and want to check its authenticity? If you aren’t familiar with the component and structure of a diamond, it will be difficult to identify whether it is fake or real. Do not worry because there are some simple yet effective ways to test a stone and see whether it is fake or real:

  • Look for impurities : About 99.99% of diamonds are impure and have small imperfections. On the other hand, a fake diamond is generally perfect. So if you discover that you have a perfect gemstone then either you have a perfect diamond or the manufacturer has sold you a fake one.

  • The water test : Water test is a simple test that one can perform to ensure that a diamond is real or fake. In order to perform the test, you need to get a glass and fill it ¾ with water. Drop the gemstone into the glass of water. Observe, whether the gemstone sinks or floats in water. It the stone floats at the surface or underneath it then it means that your diamond is a fake one. It is important to know that a real diamond has a high density so performing the water test will ensure whether your stone has a high or low density.

  • Pay close attention to facets : Another trick to find the authenticity of your diamond is to look at its facets. It is comparatively easy to check the facets rather than looking for impurities. All you will need is a magnifying glass or loupe, preferably 10X magnifying. The real diamonds are cut by professional diamond cutters. The fake diamonds are generally created by moulds to melt the zircon or glass. However, it is possible that a zircon has been cut like a diamond instead of being created from a mould that is why it is important to check for other factors as well.

  • An X-ray exam : Another reliable way is to perform an X-ray exam. This will allow you to be sure about the molecular qualities of the stone. You can simply send your stone to a professional diamond testing lab and their X-ray machine will let you know that the stone has a radiopaque molecular structure or a radiolucent molecular structure. The results will let you know whether the stone is a diamond or an ordinary gemstone.

These tests will let you know whether you have the right diamond on your finger or not. The best thing you can do is to buy a diamond from an authentic manufacturer. The best diamond manufacturers are the KGK Group. With KGK Group you can ensure that you only get the best quality diamonds for the price you pay.
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