As citizens of this world, we have taken the liberty of sourcing our needs from the findings of the beautiful planet. But as responsible citizens, it is equally important that we maintain a give and take relationship, not just with mother earth, but also with everyone we meet and work with daily. As a consumer-based industry, jewelry is also a facet of life that goes through the same process of giving and take, right from the beginning of the journey, till the time it reaches the end client. As designers and producers of so many dazzling pieces, the jewelry industry not only inspires passion towards the glint but also motivates the world to act responsibly.

But how can we get inspired by looking up to the jewelry brands of the world? What is making jewelry stir the world to motivate responsibility in the people? The answer is “Moral Values.” A core belief of give and take so they bring everyone along with them on the path of success. We must imbibe moral values like these in our lives for sustained living :

  • Ethics

    As an industry that is based on sourcing and skill, ethics are always rewarded in the long run. Ethical sourcing of the materials keeping in mind fundamental human rights is how jewelry brands are thanking and holding the hands that dig in the earth to find these masterpieces. Child labour has been banned, freeing many childrenfrom the shackles of bondage.

  • Sustainability

    The most important responsibility is to make sure that the world remains to be a thriving place for future generations. A great part of jewelry is mining, but jewelry brands are now focusing on leaving behind greener earth as their legacy.

  • Packaging

    Packaging matters to the buyer when they acquire a new piece of jewelry. But the use of biodegradable and sustainable packaging has touched the jewelry industry quite recently.

  • Compensation

    People who are involved in jewellery makingrequire to undergo a lot of hard work. Be it planning, mining, shaping, or marketing, there are several people involved in the success of a piece of jewelry. And it is important that they receive deserved compensation for their effort and time.

  • Women Empowerment

    What is the meaning of a piece of jewelry made without the involvement of women? The concept of “Jewelry for Women, Made by Women” is the new driving force behind skyrocketing success rates of jewelry brands. There are many women playing an irreplaceable role in taking KGK’s business to new heights.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Jewelry brands are big names in the world, many of which are huge conglomerates. As a sense of responsibility to help the society as well, several jewelry brands are now holding hands with several societies to accelerate their very own purpose.

Along the way to finally become a part of your personality, a piece of jewelry intertwines a long story. One where a number of people and processes are involved. As the biggest Jewellery manufacturer in India, KGK Group makes sure that they embody these factors in the way they do business. For more information on how they are making small contributions to making the world a better place, visit the jewelry operations page of the website.
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