Diamond is not just a stone on an accessory. It is a statement that is created, a story that is written, and art that deserves recognition. Recognising the efforts that went into creating such fine pieces comes to the industry in the form of the JNA Awards. Established in 2006, jewellery.net has been the prime source of news and events in the jewellery industry, and in partnership with the Informa Markets, the JNA Awards has been in the walk of recognising creation and innovation in the gemstone industry.

Ever since its inception, JNA Awards has been recognising the great work that our group and many others have been doing in the industry. An honouree & recipient of the award of the Manufacturer of the Year 2019, KGK has yet again set the trend of introducing creativity and innovation to the industry while upholding the ideology of sustainability. Let’s take a dig at how KGK managed to be the choice for the award for years.

How KGK Is Setting The Trend With 2019 JNA Awards: Manufacturer Of The Year


Innovation is the driving force of any industry as it takes an organisation, leaps ahead of everyone else. In a time frame of 18 months, from October 2017 to March 2019, the KGK group analysed the processes and found that 30% of its tasks were automated. While, the rest 70% were manual, affecting precision, quality, yield and production time.

KGK took immediate steps towards automating most of its operations and installed high-tech equipment and pieces of machinery. Innovation through water jet cutting and Synova DCS 50 (3 axis diamond cutter) armed KGK Group with much more precision and higher quality of gemstones and diamonds.

In addition, a notable feat towards innovation is the collaborative effort with the recognised brand- Nishta that resulted in a horizontal butter wheel, which helps in cutting larger diamonds (above 100 carats) with precision.


Creativity is what makes any work a piece of art, and gives a different stature in the world. And creativity like this is inspired through the right kind of motivation. Our Research and Development Team studies not only better technologies, but also the proclivity of the customer and their jewellery trends. This stems from the shift in the perspective and preference of the current generation. And as far as getting the word out is concerned, we have analysed and optimised almost every medium of interacting with the customer, be it direct or online.

Our Collaborations with Nishta and Synova has not only benefitted us but has changed a lot of facets of the global diamond industry. This further fuels our progress through creativity.

How KGK Is Setting The Trend With 2019 JNA Awards: Manufacturer Of The Year

The current generation is the most advanced one so far. But, we also need to ensure that the next generation does not face scarcity of resources and at the same time, our team remains effective enough, with adequate resources, to offer uniqueness in every article. That is why sustainable programs and practices have been a part of the KGK group’s ethics for a long time, which are also recognised by the committee at the JNA Awards.

Diamond manufacturing is a process that needs a superior understanding of their place in the world alongside the impact that they will have on anyone and everyone concerned with them. And for years now, our innovation and creativity mixed with the right amount of sustainable responsibility have made KGK Group one of the best diamond manufacturers in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing the best when it comes to diamonds, through the best of operations.
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