For more than a century now, KGK Group has been in the field of diamond and gemstone manufacturing. Over these years, we have let our knowledge of the field and the experience of crafting perfection with our hands guide us into creating quality products for our customers and consumers to use. It has been a great road that has led us here, and it has been full of gratitude to people who have made it possible for us.


Needless to say, we wouldn’t have made it without innovation helping us pave the way. It has been our constant knack of bringing something new, better, and improved into the market that has built our customer’s trust in us.

While we strived to perfect what we already were doing, there was also a small section of KGK Group who was constantly innovating what we do. As a result of this innovation, we have come up with some of the unique diamond products in the world.

Here is a look at all of the innovative diamond products that KGK Group has made in the past, some of them quite recently.

Innovative Diamond Products by KGK Group

  • Alina

    Similar to the once extremely famous centenary diamond by De Beers, the Alina diamond is a modified product made for extra brilliance. With 247 facets cut onto the surface of the diamond, the brilliance of internal reflection of light makes the Alina diamond a sight to behold.

    The idea was to increase the light inside the diamond, and KGK group’s diamond manufacturers came up with a unique way of putting in 247 facets on the diamond. Hence, the Alina diamond was born, equally as brilliant but now available as a diamond product for our customers.

  • Liana

    Made by our special unit in Surat, the Liana is a proprietary diamond cut which is a part of our 23 innovative and modified cuts. The Liana cut has a total of 85 facets and is a modified version of the popular brilliant cut. The added number of facets works in favour of added light performance and added brilliance in the diamond.

  • Marquise

    Known by a number of names like boat-cut, football cut, and eye-shaped cut, the marquise diamond is a modified cut with two pointed ends on the opposite sides. The elongated diamond cut in the Marquise style is very rarely seen in the world. However, the cut was initially designed to make a brilliant, eye-catchy look on the ring finger of a woman, especially with long slender fingers

  • Pear

    Hybrid modification of the famous oval and unique marquee cut, the pear-shaped diamond is fashioned in the form of a teardrop. Because it is a modified brilliant cut, pear cut diamonds have 71 facets that work towards reflecting more light on the inside of a diamond, allowing the colours to show themselves more dramatically.

  • Hearts and Arrows

    Hearts and Arrows have been established as a mere but extremely beautiful side-effect of a properly and accurately faceted brilliant-cut diamond. At KGK Group’s manufacturing units, we have been able to make H&A diamonds with 101 facets, 89 facets, 76 facets, and 66 facets. The reason why these are famous is that when you look from the top of the diamond, you will see 8 hearts, and when you look from the bottom, you will see 8 arrows, all of them fascinatingly symmetrical. This symmetry comes from the accuracy of the cut, which also optimizes the light inside them.

All of this has only been made possible by the advanced technology and amazing creativity that we have in our teams at KGK Group. Not only has our technology enables us to create all these innovative designs, but these innovations have also made our technological use better.

As a leading jewellery manufacturer, KGK Group has developed a knack of providing something extra to all our customers, a prime reason why we are loved and trusted. If your business needs the right kind of diamonds or any precious and semi-precious gemstones, get in touch with KGK Group today.

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