Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (BMCHRC) in Jaipur, India that’s been managed by K. G. Kothari Memorial Trust recently witnessed a progression in its cancer care facilities. The up-to-the-minute machines of radiotherapy, Truebeam STX, Halcyon Linear Accelerator, and Brachytherapy were recently inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot. On this occasion, the Medical and Health Minister of Rajasthan, Dr. Raghu Sharma was also present. These machines can effectively eliminate cancerous lumps within a few hours of radiation therapy. In addition, the recurrence possibility of cancerous disease can also be reduced by giving targeted therapy to the patient.

This was the first time in the state that two linear accelerators and Brachytherapy machines were inaugurated concurrently. Dr. Nidhi Patni, HOD, Radiotherapy, BMCHRC informed that with this recently installed Linear Accelerator TrueBeam, we are equipped to provide accurate and focused radiotherapy to cancer patients. Also with this addition, now BMCHRC has a total of three Linear Accelerators, which will effectively reduce the waiting time of the patients giving them further relief while struggling with the fatal ailment.

True Beam STX

True Beam STX machines are capable of performing six to seven weeks of radiation treatment in mere one to five days and the technique is called stereotactic radiation technique. It is also the one and only machine of Rajasthan that’s capable of performing the said task.

Halcyon Linear Accelerator

This excellent machine helps in treatment like Rapid Arc, IMRT, and IGRT. Due to the high capacity of this machine, more patients can be benefited in a short time, also the negative effects on the patients during treatment will be minimal. It is also one of the unaccompanied machine in Rajasthan.


This machine is helpful in the treatment of gynecological problems offering accurate and prompt results.

KGK is unbeatably active towards elevating the infrastructure quotient of BMCHRC in the interest of providing the best and affordable services to its patients. Yet another stride in this direction would be the installation of PET CT and Gamma Camera which has been made possible by virtue of financial aid from IndusIand Bank. It’s noteworthy that KGK and IndusIand share the common purpose of serving the weaker strata with their CSR initiatives. Therefore it’s imperative that in 2019 IndusIand also contributed to Donate a life Fund initiated by BMCHRC.

“We have been gifted with this one human life we should be indebted for. If we are not able to help our fellow humans than our existence is questionable.” Concluded Mr. Navrattan Kothari, Patriarch, KGK Group and Chairman, BMCHRC
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