The whole world is facing a challenging time with the global outbreak of COVID-19. The coronavirus that had spread from a seafood market in Wuhan, China has engulfed the whole world, within a short span of time. With the World Health Organization (WHO) raising the global COVID-19 threat level to ‘very high’, we are truly facing an unprecedented situation.

This pandemic is impacting everyone from our families to our businesses. Given the speed and the scale at which this deadly disease is spreading and affecting people, we can conclude that nobody is immune from its impact.

In order to contain the coronavirus spread, we, at KGK, are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have collectively taken steps to keep our community safe.

Our primary objective remains ensuring the safety and health of our employees, patrons, and members while supporting our client’s business needs.

The following measures are put in place at KGK offices, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, etc.:

1. To prevent the internal transmission of the virus and to maintain personal hygiene in the workplace, we have implemented rigorous cleaning and disinfection measures across our offices.

2. As a precautionary measure, we have suggested our team members and staff to get health tests done.

3. Daily temperature checks for all colleagues and members when they enter and exit the office premises.

4. All staff members are mandatorily required to wear surgical masks to maintain good personal hygiene.

5. Restricted the entry of outsiders in office premises

6. We have provided remote-work solutions to reduce the number of employees coming to work.

7. Alcohol hand sanitizer is provided at all touchpoints.

8. We have advised against non-essential use of public transport for people traveling to work.

Protocols are put in place to activate disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures based on the recommendation by the government and health agencies.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees and patrons has always been our priority. We are committed to managing this crisis with empathy, transparency and continued communication.

KGK has pro-actively invoked all required measures to ensure business continuity and will be providing full support to patrons and partners.

Our primary objective remains closely working with our clients to find the best option for supporting their business needs and minimizing disruption.

Smiling In Dark Times, Together

Circumstances around us are uncertain and constantly changing, but we must keep moving forward with patience and confidence.

We must stand firm and scrupulously respect the restrictions. To help keep everyone safe, we encourage you to practice social distancing and self-isolation. Stay at home and rejoice the time you have at your disposal. Stay safe and positive as this too shall pass quickly if we all are together.

At this challenging time, KGK stands strongly with everyone to build for a better and more resilient future. Join us and stand in solidarity with everyone. #KGKFightsCorona #WeFightCorona

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