Jewellery designing is a process that involves skills, original ideas, creativity,and the ability to visualise and analyse for generating a concept. To create a particular concept, we need to acquire inspiration. When inspiration is achieved, half the work is completed. But, where does this inspiration come from? Jewellery designers often struggle with expressing their creativity because they fail to know where to begin. However, getting inspiration is not as difficult as it seems.

We are surrounded by countless things, objects, shapes, etc., that we encounter every day. The major design sources are in abundance, and we can get inspiration from all of them. If we start exploring the surroundings, we will find inspiration in anything, anywhere and everywhere. So, here are five incredible sources of inspiration for designing outstanding jewellery pieces.


Nature is an endless stock of ideas. When we create a piece of art, nature is reflected in it in some form or the other. A designer can get inspired by mountains or seas, trees or animals, vivid seasons or landscapes. It can be in any form; all you need is to look around and start creating pieces.

Historical Sources

These sources are perfect for creating statement pieces that stand apart from the rest. Our history is magnificent and is a rich source of inspiration. Whether it is medieval or ancient, our history has remained marvellous. A designer can get historical inspirations from museums, monuments, sculptures, forts, calligraphy painting, etc. They can even give birth to new styles by re-interpreting historical art forms.

Rhythms and Sounds

Rhythms and sounds or music can sound a little weird of a source for designing jewellery. But, these can be a wonderful source of inspiration. We hear a lot of different sounds at different frequencies like birds chirping, wind blowing, babies giggling, etc. The wavelength of these sounds is so vivid that they can affect our mood altogether. When a designer tries to put them on paper, she/he will have ample concepts for designing.

Constellation and Heavenly Bodies

Our universe is vast and very beautiful. There are innumerable designs that we can observe in the sky, constellations, and other heavenly bodies. The whole part of the universe that has been discovered so far can lead to various inspirations and concepts.

Themes, Concepts and Other Sources

When we analyse things carefully, we can see a deep concept or theme in every single form. The emblems, religious symbols, monograms, logos, man-made things, cartoons, geometric symbols, etc., are also a good source of inspiration.

So, all you need to do now is sit back and explore these sources for your jewellery designs. Besides getting inspiration from these sources, you can also ask for help from experts.

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