Art has had a special place in our history. It has been a window for the modern generation to sneak a peek into the heads of the artist and their lives. For centuries, we have marvelled at some of the greatest artists of our recent history and their ability to create mesmerising masterpieces out of canvas and colours. Similar to this fascination is the awe that diamonds have incited in us for thousands of years. Rough or faceted, diamonds often talk about a story of their journey, a tale that explains their beauty through the process of their formation. They are often called the rock of gods for this very reason. As storytellers of the time gone by, diamonds and classic artworks go pretty well together. In this article, we take a look at some of the most iconic paintings hailing from different eras of the history of the world, reimagined with a beautiful diamond makeover. Read on:

Popular Artwork Gets a Diamond Makeover

  • Mona Lisa Mona Lisa is an iconic painting. It has an allure that attracts millions of people to admire it in the Louvre, Paris. The famous smile and the mysterious eye contact of the painting make it even more mesmerising. To pair jewellery with this iconic masterpiece meant making use of an equally elegant piece of diamond jewellery. In this digital rework of the classic painting, you can see the Mona Lisa transformed into a painting that displays her as the lady of the status that she has today. The natural diamonds from the mines on her necklace are every bit as beautiful as she is depicted in this makeover.
  • Amrita Sher-Gil’s Self Portrait Amrita Sher-Gil’s beauty is known to be timeless, especially when you look at one of her many self-portraits. The one under consideration here is the 1932 self-portrait of the famous artist where she displayed her vibrant, joyful, and happy mood paired with her beauty. The reimagination of this painting adds a beautiful diamond necklace and a diamond flower in her hair, giving her an elegant makeover. The final look is very immersive and brings out a certain purity to the overall appearance of the artwork.
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring Painted in the Dutch golden age, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is already embellished with a beautiful yet subtle piece of jewellery in the original. The girl in the painting has been an icon for centuries after it was painted and continues to inspire artists to reimagine the lives of normal people and their dreams. Following this, the reimagination of the painting replaces the pearl earring with a diamond one for a modern makeover.
  • Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was a beauty icon of the 50s in Hollywood. Her beauty was famed to be unparalleled and her acting skills were admired the world around. One such fan of her beauty and expressions was the leading figure of the pop-arts in the States, Andy Warhol. His iconic Marilyn Diptych, released just a few weeks after Marilyn’s death, depicts the actress in her elegantly beautiful smile. This reimagined version of the painting adds a beautiful diamond and emerald necklace, creating a wonderful makeover with a combination of different types of gemstones.
  • Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with a monkey, painted in 1938, is one of the most exquisite pieces of art around the world that continue to be relevant and mesmerising even today. Kahlo was known to capture emotions in a range that no one else could, and she did it with perfection. This rework of the painting replaces the original snake necklace with a diamond-studded snake necklace as a makeover, while also adding a beautiful blue statement diamond earring. The overall result is intense.

Art and diamonds have the privilege of being timeless because they were made to be that way. Bringing them together is a great idea, as is evident by the imagination of several artists coming alive in this article.

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