Jewellery is that one little piece that can make the wearer feel unique- they say.

Jewellery has been inspiring humankind for centuries. Their deep colour, radiance, pure and precious metal, etc., have always amazed and fascinated human beings since time immemorial. Alluring and sophisticated, jewellery has always been celebrated. Every piece is created by a combination of different things that can make or break the final piece.

As a jewellery retailer, you truly have to understand how to offer jewellery pieces that speak a story and have an aspect of emotion attached to them. Your jewellery pieces must send a visual message to the beholders. But, how to achieve all the elements in every single piece? The solution to these challenges can be found in the principles applied to jewellery creation. Each piece utilises multiple elements that can make the piece brilliant or dull. Here is an illustration of 5 basic principles of jewellery design that will essentially get your pieces noticed.


A perfectly balanced piece is the one that is proportioned appropriately for elements like weight, space, size, etc. There are three types of balance that jewellers can achieve, i.e., symmetric, asymmetric, and radial. The key in each of these distributions is the focal point that makes the jewellery piece stand out.


An essential element of designing is the contrast in the jewellery. Use colours that are opposite to each other in lines, colour wheel, material, etc. The perfectly contrasting pieces can relieve the monotony, accentuating different rudiments of the design. When you play along with complementary colours, the viewers get sucked into the piece.


Jewellers must keep a certain part of jewellery as emphasis. For instance, you can differentiate the emphasis point by using a bold stone, a different material, or a different texture. Different size of stones can also bring exclusive focus to it.


Proportion is something that results in a visual fête. You may be using quality stones and metals, but even a single element can affect this appeal if it is out of proportion. Jewellery designing is like creating a painting, which requires stepping back and tweaking things until an equilibrium is not achieved. If the proportion is off, the design will fail to receive eyes.

Harmony of Elements

Jewellery designing is art with lots of aspects hidden in the making process, and one of the crucial aspects is the harmony of elements. The material, stones, metal, settings, etc., must be in harmony with each other. They must be aesthetically pleasing as a composite one unit. Find the right mix so that the piece doesn’t look bland.

These principles can help you understand why you have some pieces lying around in the inventory for long and why some pieces are a hit among customers. You may have bought metals and precious gemstones from different suppliers, but until you set these design principles in, you cannot make the piece grasp enough attention. Master these principles, and soon your jewellery will convey the desired message and create an emotional response.

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