Diamonds are wonderful creations of the Earth, who have won the hearts of human beings with their beauty and luster. The amazing sheen and the vibrant light rays reflecting off of them is hard to miss. While people adore all kinds of diamonds, but rare pieces hold a special value. The power and glory of a unique piece of diamond can illuminate our surrounding, same is the case with Blue Diamonds. Rich and rare, blue diamonds are one of the most valuable and strikingly beautiful stones in the world.

What Makes the Blue Diamonds Rare and Valuable?

While White/Yellow diamonds are a common sight, it is the blue hue that differentiates this diamond and makes heads turn. The color, however, isn’t the only attribute that makes this stone desirable. The odds of finding a blue diamond in a mine are as rare as 1 to 10,000. Here are a few more facts on the beautiful blue diamonds that have caught everyone’s fancy for as long as four centuries:

  • Why Blue :

    These rare diamonds get their mesmerizing blue color because of the contamination caused by boron atoms in the carbon atoms. Usually, the best of the blue color comes from a ratio of 1 boron to 1 million carbon atom. As the amount of boron increases, the concentration of the blue color also increases.

  • Secondary Color :

    To find a pure blue diamond is nothing short of a miracle. This is owed to the fact that blue diamond’s actually come with a secondary hue of grey or green, which are also valuable but not as desirable as their pure blue counterparts.

  • Color over Clarity :

    Blue Diamonds, just like any other colored diamonds, are priced as per their color instead of their clarity. Sure the clarity will win them a fantastic price tag, but a bluer diamond will always steal the show.

  • Color Zoning:

    Color zoning refers to an uneven distribution of colour in a stone. Blue Diamonds are prey to this condition. Therefore, it is difficult for a diamond cutter to craft a piece with even colour concentration, as they are reluctant to waste excess carat in this diamond shaping process.

  • India and Africa :

    Until about the 17th century, India was the leader in producing blue diamonds, who was later overtaken by Africa, where blue diamonds started appearing in the Cullinan mines of Southern Africa.

  • Famous and Cursed :

    Blue Diamonds have acquired the status of being one of the most sought-after diamonds in the world, especially auctions. The most expensive diamond to be sold at an auction was the 12.03 carat “Blue Moon.” Apart from that, the famous 16th century “Hope Diamond,” which was once owned by the French Emperor Louis XIV, is one of the incredibly renowned diamonds to have appeared in human history.

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