Diamonds and gemstones you see in markets get transformed into fine jewellery after a lot of processing. They hold a valuable place in the world of jewellery. These colourful stones exist in earth in their rough form and take the shapes you see them in, depending on a number of factors.

Rough stones are fashioned into brilliant shapes and cuts from its rocky form. This transformation gives a new look and life to the gemstones. The KGK group is known for the best wholesale diamond jewellery in the world. They not only process, but also mine the gemstones they use.

Stones come in a variety of shapes, such as round, pear, square, octagon, oval, heart, triangular, among many others. Each of these shapes is transformed into many different cuts, depending on the jeweller’s choice. For example, the square shape may be converted into a princess cut, radiant cut, asscher cut and cushion cut.

Round diamonds

Round shape is the most popular one due to its great radiance, and flexibility in terms of colour, cut and clarity. Virtually all round diamonds are brilliant-cut, meaning they have 58 facets.

Princess cut diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond cuts, only after the brilliant round cut. Though this cut was first created in the 1980s and was often owned by princesses of prosperous kingdoms during that time, it gained popularity as an eye-catching alternative to the traditional round diamonds recently.

Oval-shaped diamonds

As the name suggests, this diamond is cut in oval shape. Some are narrow ovals while the ones are wider. The theory behind narrow and wide ovals is that the narrower the oval shaped diamond in your finger, the longer and slimmer your fingers would look. So people with shorter fingers can definitely give an oval-shaped diamond a try for their rings.

Pear-shaped diamonds

A mix of round and marquise diamonds, pear diamonds appear to be like a teardrop. This shaped diamond is round at one end and tapered at the other. Pear shaped diamonds can be used as a drop for your earrings.

Asscher cut diamonds

The name was derived from its creator ‘Joseph Asscher’. Asscher cut diamonds are squares but they do not appear traditional. However, asscher cut diamonds are quite fashionable and make up a lovely choice for making dramatic engagement rings.

Marquise diamonds

Marquise diamonds, named after Marquise de Pompadour, look very much alike a tapered oval-shaped diamond. Due to its shape, this diamond appears bigger than its actual size. Featuring 58 facets, marquise diamonds give a flattering shape and sparkle that speak of its royal origins.

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