“Great machines make great masterpieces.” This famous saying is true for every company operating in this technology-oriented business world. The same is true for the jewellery industry too. The effect of modern technology on the stages of jewellery production and manufacturing has been impressive and unparalleled.

The primitive jewellery manufacturing techniques involved welding, sewing, cutting, engraving, etc. The manufacturing cost and wastage of resources were so high that it added to the price of the final product. Manufacturing back then, without the aid equipment and technology was a task in itself with varying degrees of difficulties. But, the new trend holds excellent potential for manufacturers, distributors, and shoppers alike. It appears that technology is a real frontier in the sector leading to more versatile and upgraded production. Let’s have a look at the transformative pieces of technology that have resulted in amazing and dazzling products:

CAD Technology

One of the technologies that marked the beginning of a revolution in the jewellery industry is CAD. With time, CAD has become a key technology to create different and unique designs and modify them before they go for production. The virtual illustration of the jewellery allows modification long before the pieces goes into manufacturing, saving wasted gems and other resources.

3-D Printing Technology

3-D printing is sure the future of fine jewellery; it helps in customisation and production of intricate designs. The businesses in the industry are jumping on this technology bandwagon at a pace, never seen before. Not only the cost and labour saving are phenomenal, but the technology has a lesser environmental impact too.

Laser Technology

Laser technology has drastically transformed diamond manufacturing and cutting process. Although the acceptance of these technologies is slow, they are gaining prominence due to their precision. For instance, Green Laser Machine technology, which is also implemented by KGK, provides beam stability to the extent that it reduces the weight loss by 15% in the bracket of 4GR to 3CT products.

Detection and Mapping Technologies

A combination of Galaxy and Sarine software is unique for detecting and mapping internal features in rough diamonds. The combination enables scanning of small diamonds, even below a carat. Unlike older and alternative techniques, these systems operate independently. The machines are designed to directly provide the output of their data, enabling right optimisation.

Other Upgraded Technologies

Some innovative machines give room to a larger space, which in turn makes the cutting of stone of 100ct an easy task. Along with this, some technologies like water jet reduce production cost and overall cycle time. The techniques improve size capacity besides providing added safety features.

Conventionally, in diamond manufacturing, 30% of tasks were performed by machines, and 70% were manual, affecting precision, quality, and yield & production time. Over the year, introduction and up-gradation of technology transformed the old conventions, thus leading to revolutionary innovations. Tapping into this opportunity, we mechanized our production process up to 90%, minimizing human intrusion to just 10%.

We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies from mining to production to transform every segment in the supply chain. Ranked as one of the leading gemstone manufacturers in Hong Kong, our highly sophisticated and spectacular gemstone and diamond collection is a testament of our constant efforts to deliver the best to our clients.
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