The century-old KGK Group has expanded its diamond-cutting operations to South Africa. Though the group’s operations in Africa commenced in 1996, KGK’s Sky Investments has now set up its own diamond cutting and polishing factory in Namibia, South Africa.

Honourable Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Tom Alweendo inaugurated KGK Group’s new diamond-cutting and polishing factory in South Africa on 13th April, 2018.

The factory has a staff of 53 people, which include both Indians and Namibians. The group plans to employ 30 more Namibians by the end of the year. As per KGK officials, the group is the largest employer in sub-Saharan Africa.

KGK Group has always believed in benefiting the locals by investing in skill development, infrastructure and technology. This factory in SA uses the latest technologies like the Waterjet Laser and the Galaxy ultra, helping it gain an edge over all competitors.

Alweendo said that this factory would prove to be a major milestone for the cutting and polishing industry in Namibia. He believes this will lead to more job opportunities for Namibian citizens. It is also another major milestone for the KGK Group.

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