Do you have your birthday in February? Then the amethyst is the perfect birthstone to bring you good luck and prosperity.

Why people love amethysts?

While the month of February is consideredcold, dark and short, the February birthstone ‘amethyst’ is known for bringing peace, courage and strength. It is a beautiful purple quartz stone that appeals to both jewellery manufacturers and lovers alike. Amethysts are available in a range of amazing colours, from violets to reddish purples and sometimes, greyish violets too. Most people share immense love for the high-quality, deep coloured amethysts.

A gem of the royals

Amethyst wasn’t for the ordinary. It was once considered highly precious and its jewellery was worn by the royalty and important church members. St. Edward’s Crown from 1661 had amethysts along with other precious metals and gemstones.

It only became available to all after the discovery of major amethyst mines in Brazil in the mid-1900s.

All you need to know about February Birthstone

St. Edward’s Crown from 1661

All you need to know about February Birthstone

Georgian 18th century Amethyst Diamond Ring

Mystical properties of amethysts

Ancient Greekbelieved that these stones can guard them against drunkenness therefore, they named it ‘amethyst’after a Greek word, meaning ‘not drunk’. They even used to drink in vessels made out of amethyst to avoid getting drunk!

Many including Tibetans considered amethysts as sacred stones, which could help in preventing evil thoughts.

It is the perfect time to gift your February-born sweet hearts amethyst jewellery. You can also choose presenting amethysts on 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Explore our gemstones collection

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