Since 1960, Mr. Navrattan Kothari has been leading KGK Group- determined, humble and benevolent. With a rich lineage, gems and jewellery business came naturally to him, but he chose to trudge the path less traveled. Apart from the celebrated surname, he left everything behind and embarked on his first business venture to Chennai which further resulted in an expanded legacy leading to exponential growth of the organisation. KGK group is a multinational corporation with business interests and expertise ranging from mining and manufacturing of gemstones; sourcing and manufacturing of diamonds; jewellery manufacturing and retail to infrastructure and real estate development whose principle driving force has been Mr. Navrattan Kothari.


Under Mr. Kothari’s guidance, KGK Group has transformed gems and jewellery industry over the last 50 years. Escorted by his impeccable mentorship the Group today spans the horizon with a presence across 16 countries. Mr. Kothari guided the company beyond trading of gemstones to explore opportunities in manufacturing precious stones and diamonds. From gemstone trading, the Group took on to manufacturing of nature’s most beautiful gemstones and diamonds.


Determined, humble and benevolent, Mr. Navrattan Kothari is a role model for philanthropy and human services, constantly contributing to various fields like education, healthcare, skill development, heritage conservation and more, inspiring his peers into giving. His aim is to achieve responsible growth and therefore subscribes to sustainable development; leading to transformation and improvement in the lives of disadvantaged sections of the society.


Gradual increase in unbearable sufferings and trauma of terminally ill cancer patients prompted Mr. Navrattan Kothari to establish BhagwanMahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in Jaipur in 1996. This NABH accredited institution offers holistic solutions under one roof including cancer prevention, treatment, education and research.


Firmly believing in action more than expression through words, Mr. Kothari offers guidance and support to his team of talented artisans and professionals. His judicious business acumen and spirit of imparting knowledge to the new generation have been a constant source of inspiration in the path of many success stories. Mr. Navrattan Kothari has always been passionate about the professional development of individuals. He seeks to provide quality training, and skill enhancement to improve the quality of living and livelihood of every region, KGK ventures into. Transforming individuals into leaders, the group has trained lots of pupils in the gemstone and diamond sector, who today are self-reliant and leading big firms across the world. Mr. Navrattan Kothari is also the president of SubodhShikshaSamiti for decades, he has helped thousands of children with their education in and around Jaipur city


Though Mr. Navrattan Kothari lords over the global business conglomerate – KGK Group, his soul still lies in his motherland Jaipur. He aspires to give back to his native place in whatever small way he can. He not only takes up every opportunity of making Jaipur a better city but also creates new avenues to conserve the rich heritage of this historic town. A first of its kind Jalmahal project stands as a beacon, a brilliant example of how a productive synergy between a progressive public sector and a dynamic private sector can show a way forward.


Mr. Navrattan Kothari has experimented with various genres in the industry and excelled in them. KGK Realty is yet another example of the same. His business acumen gave KGK Realty a multi-faceted approach in its unique way. With a key principle of serving the customer with utmost transparency and best quality.
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