It is essential to protect your jewellery all year long; however, summers are the times of the year when you need to take extra care of your jewellery. Jewellery tarnishes faster in the summer months. You indulge in many fun and refreshing activities during summers to escape from the scalding sun; near the beach, go on vacations, picnics, and whatnot. Moreover, going out without perfect jewellery that goes well with the outfit is not formidable. That is when the jewellery goes through wear and tear, scratching, fading, or staining. Jewellery protection is a must to see that it lasts long from the damaging effects of chemicals in sunscreen, lotions, and salty water.

However, in this blog, you will find some fantastic tips to protect your jewellery in the summer. You can enjoy your date with nature, explore the beauty around you, have a fabulous time, and at the same time follow a few jewellery care tips for summer to keep your chains, rings, bracelets, etc., shining and sparkling. Let’s dive deep into jewellery prevention from harsh summers without further ado.

Jewellery Care Tips for Summer

  1. Jewellery Protection from Salty Water

    It is an excellent idea to remove your jewellery before swimming or going into the bathtub, as salt or chlorinated water can adversely affect your jewellery. Therefore, it is highly imperative to take care of jewellery in the summer as you indulge in a lot of swimming. The chlorine or salt water can damage it and cause erosion of metals like gold, silver, or platinum. These precious metals get weakened and can potentially break. Saltwater also erodes the finish of the gemstones.
  2. Avoid Exposure to Sunscreens and Lotions

    Summers are the times when we use a lot of sunscreen and skin and hair protection lotions to safeguard our skin and hair. Nonetheless, the chemicals in the lotions can cause your jewellery to fade or change its color. Therefore, after applying your sunscreen or lotion, wait for a few minutes to seep that into your skin, and then you can go ahead and wear your jewelry after a couple of minutes. And also, make sure that you clean your jewelry with a soft cloth before putting it into the box for perfect jewelry protection that lasts forever.
  3. Organise Your Jewellery While Travelling

  4. It is essential that you organize your jewellery while you head on vacation. You should place your rings, chains, bracelets, diamonds, and pearls separately. Because your pearl can get scratched from the diamond, your chains can get tangled. Hence, keeping each piece of jewelry individually in pouches will protect them from getting tangled and scratched.
  5. Clean Your Jewellery

    Before putting your jewellery in the box or pouch, ensure you clean it with a soft cloth to remove any residue that sticks to it. It would help if you also visited your jeweller once in a while to get your jewellery checked for any loose clasps etc. And also, get it cleaned by them as they offer professional cleaning to help maintain the shine or luster of your jewellery.


These are the few jewellery care tips for summer you should follow as the jewellery tarnishes faster in the summer months. The tips will help you keep your accessories shiny and sparkling for years. If you are looking to add some gorgeous pieces that are elegant and add glamour to your summer outfits, you can head on to Entice, a KGK Group jewellery brand. You will find mesmerizing jewellery that will uplift your personality and add that refreshing look to your summer outlook.
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