If you are born in December, then you are likely to claim the birthstone tanzanite. Tanzanite is the newest edition to the month December and ranges from violet to vibrant blues or bluish purple. Tanzanite is the youngest birthstone, found in 1967.

Properties & Hue

It appears to be violet-blue in colour and occasionally features brown hues or natural burgundy. This young gemstone exhibits properties of pleochroism i.e. it radiates different hues under different light settings or direction. Tanzanite that lands at 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale is fairly durable. The fact that these stones range from blue to violet, make them a great alternative to sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz.


A newcomer in the world of gemstones, this unique stone is only formed in Tanzania and is available in limited quantities. This gorgeous gemstone is formed from mineral zoisite and is termed as a unique geological phenomenon. Termed as the ‘Gemstone of the Generation’, it is alarmingly growing in popularity. As fancy as this may sound but this gem has become a symbol of the 24th wedding anniversary.

Cut & Setting

The cut of any gemstone defines and brings out its radiance. To get the maximum brilliance, it is necessary to understand the composition of a particular gemstone. Tanzanite, though is available in various shapes however, the cushion and the oval cuts are the most ideal ones. Pure blue hue in tanzanite is as valued as it is rare.

As tanzanites are fairly strong, it is recommended that you wear these stones in necklaces or earrings as opposed to rings, so that there is less exposure to wear and tear. However, if you want it on a ring, then ensure that your stone is in a protective setting.

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